My Work placement at QUAD – November 2015

By BBC Make It Digital Intern: Thomas Edwards on Friday 20th November

Week 1
On Tuesday I was introduced to some core members of the QUAD team with a tour around QUAD, sat with the marketing team and entered the film schedule times and dates to other websites who display the films at QUAD.
A good day overall, it was nice to get to meet a lot of new people as well as understand what the QUAD does, It was a relief to find how relaxed the office environment was. An office that is thoroughly personalised by everyone there.

Youth Review: The Lobster

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Wednesday 18th November

The Lobster is the first English speaking film from writer director Yorgos Lanthimos. Set in a strange alternate reality, it tells the story of a man destined to be turned into a lobster if he can’t find his perfect companion.

What's Your Favourite Film about Love?

By Laura Millward - Marketing Coordinator on Monday 16th November

This month we go dizzy with love as part of BFI Love Season. 
To celebrate we asked QUAD Staff their favourite film about love. Read on to hear their choices...

Crouching Tiger, Flying Monkey

By Peter Munford on Monday 2nd November

Our gallery is currently housing a series of works by the artist Susan Pui San Lok under the title of RoCH Fans And Legends.  In these artworks she explores adaptations of the famous Condor Trilogy of wuxia (swordsplay) novels by Chinese writer Louis Cha.

Youth Review: Everest

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Friday 9th October

Everest is the latest disaster adventure film to hit our screens this year, but unlike San Andreas this is not named after a video game and is also a true story, based on the tragedy that befell several climbers on an expedition back in 1996 whilst on the great big Mount Everest. 

QUAD Recommends... Free App & Online Courses of the Month

By Laura Millward (Marketing Coordinator) on Thursday 8th October

Here at QUAD we love experimenting with digital media. From apps to games and online courses, there are hundreds of free digital tools out there to choose from, so we'll be sharing our staff favourites on this blog each month. 
Have any other suggestions to share? Leave them in the comments below or tweet us @derbyquad.

Youth Review: Straight Outta Compton

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Thursday 17th September

Straight Outta Compton is the latest biopic and rap-umentory detailing NWA’s rise to legendary status in the early 90’s. Met with surprisingly positive reviews and hitting the top spot in the USA upon its release, Youth Review thought we would check it out and see what all the fuss is about. 

Teen Twitter Takeover Day

By Krissy - QUAD Youth Forum Member on Friday 4th September

Recently, I was invited to take part in a national event, ‘Twitter Takeover’. This is where a group of teenagers within a certain region take over an organisation’s Twitter feed for the afternoon. This occurs across the world.
Daniel and me were given a complete tour of the Derby Quad and were shown many behind-the-scenes artifacts and had many a conversation with friendly members of staff.

Year 10 Work Experience Review #2: Jurassic World

By Evie - Year 10 Work Experience Student on Friday 24th July

After years of waiting, Jurassic Park has finally reopened as the new and improved Jurassic World! To keep the tourists interested genetically engineered hybrids are being made but they never knew how intelligent they could be as the Indominus Rex gets loose from its enclosure and goes on a killing spree, destroying everything in its path. 

Year 10 Work Experience Review: Jurassic World

By Ella - Year 10 Work Experience Student on Friday 24th July

Jurassic World is the “bigger, louder” brother to Jurassic Park, a Steven Spielberg film made 22 years previously. But what was gained in CGI and cinematography has been lost in character chemistry.


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