QUAD Staff Top Ten Films of 2014

By Laura Millward on Thursday 18th December

We asked QUAD staff to vote for their favourite films of the year (drum roll...) here's our top ten!
10. The Punk Singer
9. Starred Up
8. Locke
7. Nightcrawler
6. '71
5. The Wolf of Wall Street
4. Guardians of the Galaxy
3. Under the Skin

80°N by Gibson/Martelli: Artist Interview

By Laura Millward on Friday 12th December

Could you tell us about your work and ideas?

Youth Review: A Christmas Carol at Derby Theatre

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Friday 12th December

A Christmas Carol
Christmas time has come early this year at Derby Theatre, with their new production of A Christmas Carol. Never ones to turn down a merry song and dance, Youth Review thought we would check it out and see what all the fuss is about. 

Youth Review: The Imitation Game

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Wednesday 3rd December

‘The Imitation Game is amazing.’ This pretty much sums up the opinion of one Youth Reviewer, who was so engrossed she would ‘recommend this film to absolutely everyone.’ But what did the rest of the group think?

Satori Screen's 2nd birthday

By Paul Forrester on Wednesday 5th November

There is a dictionary - a certain online dictionary - that is a little less conventional than the Collins, Chambers and Oxfords of this world. I'm reluctant to name it because some entries are unsuitable for folk of a sensitive disposition, but let's just say it's not very rural... Anyway, this dictionary defines the phrase 'fashionably late' as “showing up to a party late so everyone thinks you have a life.”

What film scared you the most?

By Laura Millward on Friday 31st October

Halloween is upon us, so we asked the QUAD staff to tell us the films that frightened them the most. Here's what they said!

Youth Review - '71

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Wednesday 29th October

71 is the new film starring Derby lad and QUAD patron Jack O’Connell. Since its release he has received rave reviews for his on screen portrayal of ….well, a Derby lad and so Youth Review thought we should see what all the fuss is about.

Youth Review - The Riot Club

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Wednesday 29th October

The Riot Club is the new film based on Laura Wade’s play Posh. Based on the elite and influential Bullingdon Club, Youth Review thought we’d have a look and check out whether it delivers.

Introduction to BFI Sci-Fi Season

By Adam Batty on Thursday 2nd October

Wonderment and spectacle. Fear and desire, the Science Fiction movie covers it all. Be it wish-fulfilment or stark warning, filmmakers have used the hypothetical tendencies of the science fiction genre to explore the deepest recesses of humanity. Often prescient and even prophetic, it’s difficult to cite a strand of cinema that has captured the imagination of the public quite so well. 

Youth Review - Daisies

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Friday 19th September

Released in 1966, Daisies is a Czechoslovakian film that was written and directed by Věra Chytilová. Now considered a milestone of the Czech New Wave movement, the film was originally banned for its graphic depiction of having fun and so Youth Review thought we’d jump on this carnivalesque train and see what all the fuss was about. 


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