Youth Review: Straight Outta Compton

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Thursday 17th September

Straight Outta Compton is the latest biopic and rap-umentory detailing NWA’s rise to legendary status in the early 90’s. Met with surprisingly positive reviews and hitting the top spot in the USA upon its release, Youth Review thought we would check it out and see what all the fuss is about. 

Teen Twitter Takeover Day

By Krissy - QUAD Youth Forum Member on Friday 4th September

Recently, I was invited to take part in a national event, ‘Twitter Takeover’. This is where a group of teenagers within a certain region take over an organisation’s Twitter feed for the afternoon. This occurs across the world.
Daniel and me were given a complete tour of the Derby Quad and were shown many behind-the-scenes artifacts and had many a conversation with friendly members of staff.

Year 10 Work Experience Review #2: Jurassic World

By Evie - Year 10 Work Experience Student on Friday 24th July

After years of waiting, Jurassic Park has finally reopened as the new and improved Jurassic World! To keep the tourists interested genetically engineered hybrids are being made but they never knew how intelligent they could be as the Indominus Rex gets loose from its enclosure and goes on a killing spree, destroying everything in its path. 

Year 10 Work Experience Review: Jurassic World

By Ella - Year 10 Work Experience Student on Friday 24th July

Jurassic World is the “bigger, louder” brother to Jurassic Park, a Steven Spielberg film made 22 years previously. But what was gained in CGI and cinematography has been lost in character chemistry.

Youth Review - Derby Film Festival

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Thursday 21st May

This year Derby Film Festival was a 10 day extravaganza of motion pictures, interviews and performances. Youth Review attended three screenings associated with the festival and so this is a retrospective collective look back at the highs and lows of Derby’s flagship film fest.

Derby Film Festival Review

By Brian Blissett (QUAD Advocate) on Thursday 14th May

the railway children
I saw 9 films in 10 days and feel that I did justice to the Film Festival for the first time. I missed one day - the day after the election when I was rather weary after staying up until 3.45am. I decided on the first night that I would only see previews or old films which I had not seen. Here we go...
A ROYAL NIGHT OUT: Far-fetched but great fun and very enjoyable; a great "Friday night film".

Top 5 Portrait Photography Tips

By Jon Legge on Monday 11th May

top 5 portrait photography tips
Want to take better portraits? Here are some top tips from photographer Jon Legge, who runs photography courses here at QUAD.
1) Ditch the flash! The small flash on compact cameras and DSLR's makes for flat & ugly lighting. Photograph your subject using natural light from a window or even a desk lamp.
2) Talk to your subject - most people feel awkward in from of a camera- make jokes, flatter them, tell them where to look, and put them at ease.

Things we're looking forward to at Derby Film Festival

By Laura Millward (Marketing Coordinator) on Thursday 30th April

derby film festival
Derby Film Festival launches tomorrow! We asked QUAD Staff: "What are you looking forward to most at this year's Derby Film Festival?" Here's what they said....
"Easy… Radiophonic Workshop of course! Ever since I saw them on the documentary The Alchemists of Sound they have had a place in my heart.

Youth Review: Solace Of The Road at Derby Theatre

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Friday 6th March

Solace of the Road
Youth Review (Collective Review)
Hooray! Youth Review are back at the theatre for another one of our classic theatrical adventures! 

Youth Review: Wood Job!

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Thursday 12th February

Wood Job! is a Japanese film that was screened at QUAD last week and was followed by a Q&A from director Shinobu Yaguchi. With so much good feeling around the film and so many budding film makers in the group, this really was a chance Youth Review could not afford to miss. 


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