Youth Review - Daisies

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Friday 19th September

Released in 1966, Daisies is a Czechoslovakian film that was written and directed by Věra Chytilová. Now considered a milestone of the Czech New Wave movement, the film was originally banned for its graphic depiction of having fun and so Youth Review thought we’d jump on this carnivalesque train and see what all the fuss was about. 

Q&A with Hiromi Omura, star of Madama Butterfly

By Hiromi Omura on Friday 12th September

1) What are your thoughts on Madama Butterfly on Sydney Harbour being screened in cinemas around the world?

Before the Collapse? The Rover Review

By Paul Forrester on Wednesday 3rd September

David Michôd's new film The Rover presents a vision of the future in which human interaction has broken down almost entirely. Few people can hold a coherent conversation; most talk in context-free fragments of speech, muttered to nobody in particular. Guy Pearce’s character, Eric, doesn’t so much ask questions as bark them repeatedly, struggling to contain an animalistic emotional state in his sinewy frame.

Youth Review - The Rover

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Wednesday 27th August

The Rover is the new film from director David Michôd’s and stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson. Michôd’s last directorial outing Animal Kingdom, was mostly hailed as a master piece, so Youth Review thought we’d check out his new film to see if he could repeat the trick. 

Youth Review - Under The Rainbow

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Tuesday 12th August

‘It was nice to watch. Sometimes a film doesn’t need to be everything.’ This is an exact quote from Youth Reviewer Mary and looking back at the comments made in the group’s post film analysis, it seems to pretty much describe the group’s overriding opinion of Under the Rainbow. ‘It’s not bad. But it’s not amazing.’

Offside Stories: the shortlist is here!

By Sarah Kennedy on Thursday 31st July

To coincide with our current exhibition The Pride and the Passion we asked for short story and poetry submissions to our writing competition, Offside StoriesWe had some wonderful submissions with some really strong writing. 

Youth Review - Boyhood

By Collective Review by QUAD Youth Review on Tuesday 29th July

Director Richard Linklater’s latest offering Boyhood, is a jumbo sized hotdog of a film. Both a meaty character study and a coming of age tale, this is tender and visually compelling. But what does Youth Review think? Well, let’s find out.

Chef (15)

By Holly (Work Experience) on Friday 4th July

John Favreau cooks up a treat in Chef an uplifting story of an impassioned cook, who loses his restaurant job and in desperation sets about travelling in an old food truck in the hope of reclaiming his culinary creativity. 

Cold In July - Review

By Gregory (Work Experience) on Wednesday 2nd July

Cold In July

Based on the novel of the same name, Cold In July is a gritty and dark tale of revenge, conspiracy and corruption, set in a small Texas town in the 1970s. The action is fast-paced and the plot is full of surprises and unexpected twists, ensuring that you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat throughout the duration of the film.

Smells Like Team Spirit

By Laura Millward (Marketing Assistant) on Thursday 26th June

Our current exhibition, The Pride and the Passion explores a game that means so much to so many and documents the zeal of the fan, and the appeal of being part of a team. To coincide with it we asked the QUAD staff: what team were/are you proud to be part of?

"I was in a two person 10 pin bowling team called YOUTH GONE WILD (named after the excellent Skid Row song.) Division 2 champions!" – Adam, Film Programmer


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