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Tuesday 23 October 2012 to Tuesday 24 June 2014
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£4.00 to £5.00

FORMAT Photoforum: Publishing Photography


EXPOSE YOURSELF! Open Session at Photoforum
Tuesday 24th June 2014 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Cost £3, booking essential
We would like our Photoforum regulars and newcomers to share their photographs in our second Open Session. This is an occasional event that extends our version of speed dating with images – 5 X 5 - into an evening of showing your photographs to other photographers from around the region.
The session will be led by photographer, author and teacher, Paul Hill, with the focus of these sessions about you and your photographs. The work may provoke lively discussions about the issues the pictures raise. Who knows? But you will certainly have the opportunity to ‘expose yourself’ in front of an informed audience of fellow practitioners and enthusiasts, and get the sort of feedback that may help move the work forward, or even get it published or exhibited.
If you want to show your work (maximum 12 images - as files or prints - to give an opportunity for discussion), please contact Paul in advance at
Each Photoforum includes the opportunity for you to show your own work in ‘5x5’, if you have any images you would like to share, e-mail


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