Elle (18) S

Friday 10 March 2017 to Thursday 23 March 2017

Elle (18) S

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  • Director Paul Verhoeven
  • Origin France
  • Year 2016
  • Duration 130 minutes



"A dangerous delight [...] Isabelle Huppert delivers a standout performance as a woman turning the tables on her attacker in the controversial director’s electrifying and provocative comeback" ★★★★★ The Guardian

From legendary filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, Elle is a gripping psychological noir thriller with a fiercely intelligent and powerful central performance. Exhilarating and multi-layered, the film recalls the ambience of Hitchcock, De Palma and Polanski, with a riveting cerebral edge.

We meet Michèle (Isabelle Huppert) in her Parisian home as she is attacked by a masked intruder. The next day she goes to work as usual, and she is revealed to us anew as the powerful, emotionally infallible CEO of a gaming company. Gradually, we learn about her complex personal life and dark family history - including her father, an infamous criminal whose acts continue to haunt her, offering a deeper psychological backdrop to Michèle's desire to turn the tables and wreak violent revenge on her attacker.

Never one to steer from controversy, Verhoeven sets this rape revenge narrative against an unexpected backdrop of mordant comedy and erotic exploration. It's a provocative, incendiary, brazen study of unacceptable desires, with a virtuoso performance by Huppert, and looks set to be one of the must-see arthouse titles of the year after rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival. Huppert was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar for her role.