It (15)

Friday 29 September 2017 to Monday 02 October 2017

It (15)

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  • Director Andrés Muschietti
  • Origin USA
  • Year 2017
  • Duration 135 minutes

From the sewers of Derry to the cinemas of Derby, Pennywise is back! 

Director Andrés Muschietti brings us the eagerly anticipated 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel ‘IT’. The film tells the story of seven friends living in Derry, Maine in the 1980s; each of them ostracised for their own reasons, they come together and form The Loser’s Club. Life takes a dark turn when they are not only troubled by bullies and abusive parents, but also the horrors of a shape shifting evil that takes the form of Pennywise the dancing clown. They decide to stand up and fight as the monster begins to target the children. Remember, we all float down here. 


Also screening as a Fright Club Screening on Friday 29th September at 8.45pm