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The All New Cinema Diet #15

The All New Cinema Diet #15

QUAD Cinema Programmer Adam Marsh brings you another seven days of fantastic film viewing options.

Indoors, outdoors, Cinema or Home? Something for all occasions this week. All the recommendations have been pulled from QUAD’s weekly listings, free streaming platforms BBC iPlayer and All4 plus MUBI which offers a free trial. 

See you at the movies! 

Adam J. Marsh

Day One – Derby QUAD 

Spirit Untamed (U) 

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After moving to a sleepy little town, young Lucky Prescott befriends a wild mustang named Spirit, who shares her rebellious spirit. When a heartless wrangler plans to capture Spirit and his herd, Lucky and new friends embark on the adventure of a lifetime to rescue the horse that forever changed her life. 

Pig (15) 

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Nicolas Cage stars as a reclusive truffle hunter who lives alone in the Oregon wilderness. When his beloved foraging pig is kidnapped he must return to his past in Portland to search for her. Nicolas Cage is in Leaving Las Vegas form here with an excellently restrained performance that reminds you of his best work and his abilities as a great actor. 

The Last Bus (12A)  

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The Last Bus stars Timothy Spall as widower Tom who, on the recent passing of his wife Mary (Phyllis Logan), uses his free bus pass to travel the length of Britain from John O’Groats in Scotland to Land’s End in Cornwall, their shared birthplace, using only local buses. His encounters with local people make him a media phenomenon, though Tom is totally unaware of his growing fame.   

"Spall makes believable if not always generous company, and you'll find yourself cheering him on to his destiny" - Andrew Collins, Radio Times 

Now, Voyager (PG) 

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In one of the greatest performances of her career, Bette Davis stars as Charlotte Vale, a troubled young woman who defies her domineering mother (fellow Oscar nominee Gladys Cooper) to discover love, heartbreak and eventual contentment. Also starring Paul Henreid as the romantic architect with whom Davis has an affair, and Claude Rains as her compassionate psychiatrist, as well as Max Steiner’s celebrated Oscar-winning score. Now, Voyager is an undisputed classic of Hollywood’s golden age, and stands up today as a taut psychological drama and an inspiring tale of physical and spiritual transformation. 

"This film is exquisitely crafted and passionately acted" ★★★★★ - The Guardian 

Day Two – QUAD 

The Croods 2 - A New Age (U) 

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The first prehistoric family is ready for another rocking adventure! The Croods have survived fanged beasts, natural disasters, and even young love, but now they must face their biggest challenge yet: another family! In search of a new home the Croods discover a walled-in paradise created by the sophisticated Betterman family. As they try to co-exist, the differences between the two families escalate into a full-blown feud, but when a new threat forces both families to embark on an epic adventure, they must all learn to work together… or they’ll all go extinct. 

Jungle Cruise (12A) 

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Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) enlists the aid of wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff (Dwayne Johnson) to take her down the Amazon in his ramshackle boat. Together, they search for an ancient tree that hold the power to heal – a discovery that will change the future of medicine. With Jack Whitehall and Edgar Ramirez. 

Zola (18) 

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"Y'all wanna hear a story about why me & this b***h here fell out? It's kind of long but full of suspense." This is how this story began first told in a now-iconic series of viral, uproarious tweets. Now adapted for the screen, we follow Zola (newcomer Taylour Paige), a Detroit waitress, as she strikes up a friendship with customer, Stefani (Riley Keough), who seduces her to join a weekend partying in Florida. This weekend soon transforms into a 48-hour journey involving a nameless pimp, an idiot boyfriend, some shady guys in Tampa, and other unexpected adventures in this wild, see-it-to-believe-it tale.  

"Raw, boundary-pushing cinema" ★★★★ - The Times 

Escher: Journey Into Infinity (PG) 

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Narrated by Stephen Fry, this is the first feature documentary about the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher’s life and work. Told in Escher’s own words, drawn from a rich cornucopia of letters, diaries and lectures written in his lifetime, the film offers an exploration of the fascinating man whose legacy continues to influence popular culture today. Featuring interviews with Escher’s sons George and Jan, as well as musician, and collector of Escher’s work, Graham Nash (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young).  

Joyful and kaleidoscopic… an art book that comes to life” – Variety 

Day Three – BBC iPlayer 

The Wooden Horse 

See the film here. 

Adapted from the classic novel The Tunnel Escape by Eric Williams, this is the story of British POWs trying to escape from a Nazi camp through a tunnel underneath their exercise horse. As their huts are too far from the boundary, one of the officers decides to start a daily gymnastics session, close to the boundary, in order to make digging a tunnel a lot easier and less likely to arouse suspicion. 

The Guardians 

See the film here. 

During the First World War, Hortense Sandrail (Nathalie Baye) and her daughter Solange (Laura Smet) take over the running of their farm while the male members of their family serve in battle. Struggling to cope with all of the work, Hortense hires 20-year-old orphan Francine Riant (Iris Bry) to assist them and while her son Georges (Cyril Descours) is home on leave from the army he falls for the new addition to the family. However, Hortense disapproves of their relationship because of Francine's lowly status, causing tension among the family members. 

A White, White Day 

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In a remote corner of rural Iceland, widowed police chief Ingimundur (Ingvar Eggert Sigurdsson) begins to suspect his late wife was having an affair, and decides to investigate. Still grieving his loss more than two years on, Ingimundur ventures to violent extremes when he finds the man he believes to be responsible, Olgeir (Hilmir Snaer Gudnason). 

The Babadook 

See the film here. 

Amelia (Essie Davis), a grieving single mother, grows to resent her difficult son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) in the wake of her husband's death six years previously. As well as having to deal with Samuel constantly getting into trouble at school, things become even more tense at home when he begins having disturbing visions of a threatening character from his storybook 'The Babadook'. Becoming more frightened by Samuel's visions, Amelia also begins having similar experiences, and she starts to believe that there may be more to the hallucinations than she initially thought... 

Day Four – BBC iPlayer 

The Lady Vanishes  

See the film here. 

Classic thriller from Alfred Hitchcock, made shortly before he moved to America. When the elderly Miss Froy (Dame May Whitty) goes missing on a train bound for England, her friend Iris Henderson (Margaret Lockwood) sets out to find her. However, Iris's attempts are immediately frustrated by her fellow passengers, who question whether Miss Froy ever even existed. Only music scholar Gilbert Redman (Michael Redgrave) is prepared to believe Iris, and together they set about getting to the bottom of the mystery. 

Born In China 

See the film here. 

Stunningly beautiful nature documentary telling the stories of a panda and her cub, a young golden monkey and his sister and a mother snow leopard struggling to raise her two cubs in their homeland of China.  Narrated by John Krasinski. 


See the film here. 

Karyn Kusama directs this American crime thriller starring Nicole Kidman. 17 years after going undercover with a Californian gang for a lengthy operation, LAPD detective Erin Bell (Kidman) remains haunted by the botched heist that cost her partner Chris (Sebastian Stan) his life. When the gang's dangerous leader Silas (Toby Kebbell) re-emerges, Bell sets about finally bringing him to justice by whatever means necessary. 

99 Homes 

See the film here. 

Single father Dennis Nash (Garfield) is struggling to make ends meet and take care of his mother Lynn (Laura Dern) and son Connor (Noah Lomax). When they are kicked out of their home by crooked real estate broker Rick Carver (Shannon) their life is thrown into disarray. In an effort to reclaim his house Dennis accepts a job offer from Carver to evict others from their homes. But Dennis ends up going on a downward spiral, living a double life and caught between earning big money and having a guilty conscience. 

Day Five – BBC iPlayer 

The BFG 

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A feature-length animated version of Roald Dahl's novel. Sophie is a little girl who befriends BFG (David Jason), a big friendly giant, but soon discovers that his brethren aren't all as good-natured. It's up to her to convince the Queen of England that the likes of the Bloodbottler, the Trogglehumper and the Fleshlumpeater should be brought to book. 

Viva Las Vegas 

See the film here. 

Elvis' second film is a celebration of the manifold charms of the gambling capital of America. He plays a racing driver who finds that he can't keep his mind on the Las Vegas Grand Prix after he meets a sexy swimming instructor (Ann-Margret). Songs include The Lady Loves Me, C'mon Everybody, and Viva Las Vegas

The Other Side Of Hope  

See the film here

Finnish comedy drama written and directed by Aki Kaurismaki. The film follows the journey of Syrian asylum seeker Khaled (Sherwan Haji) as he arrives in Helsinki on a coal train and begins looking for work after evading the law. Meanwhile, traveling salesman Wikstrom (Sakari Kuosmanen) buys the Golden Pint restaurant with the proceeds of a high-stakes poker game shortly after leaving his troubled wife. The pair meet when Khaled arrives at the restaurant seeking employment and Wikstrom is more than happy to help him, going so far as to take him in and procure a fake ID card for him. When Wikstrom finds out that Khaled's sister went missing en route he also feels compelled to help find her. 

Life Of Crime 

See the film here. 

When Frank Dawson (Tim Robbins) gets a phone call demanding a million dollar ransom for his kidnapped wife Mickey (Jennifer Aniston) he is more than a little reluctant to pay up. Having already decided to leave his wife for mistress Melanie (Isla Fisher) Frank sees this as an opportunity to escape his loveless marriage without actually having to go through the trouble of a divorce. As Frank and the kidnappers engage in a series of double-crosses and stitch ups, playing off each other with the life of Mickey hanging in the balance, Melanie tries her hardest to get in the way. Will Mickey make it out alive or will Frank finally be free? 

Day Six – ALL 4 

The Straight Story

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David Lynch directs this drama which tells the tale of Alvin Straight (Richard Farnsworth), a 73-year-old Midwesterner who sets out on an unusual personal odyssey. Alvin lives with his intellectually disabled daughter Rose (Sissy Spacek), and is struggling with his failing health. When he hears that his estranged brother Lyle (Harry Dean Stanton) has suffered a stroke, he realises that now is the time to heal the rift between them. However, lacking a car of his own, Alvin opts to make the three hundred-mile journey from Iowa to Wisconsin on his lawnmower. 


See the film here. 

The film follows Osamu Shibata (Lily Franky), a part-time worker from Tokyo living in poverty with his wife Nobuyo (Sakura Ando) and their son Shota (Jyo Kairi). Having to rely on his grandmother's pension to get by, Osamu is often forced to resort to shoplifting in order to provide food for his family. While out trying to steal groceries with his son, Osamu comes across a homeless young girl on the street. Despite their perilous financial situation, Osamu takes the girl home and the family decide to officially adopt her. Another great film from master filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda. 

The Old Man And The Gun 

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Robert Redford stars in this playful biographical crime drama based on Forrest Tucker's real-life escapades. Having spent most of his life in and out of prison Forrest Tucker (Redford), now in his seventies, is not ready to retire from the life of crime. Tucker uses his charm and the subtle hint that he is armed with a gun, also aided by his accomplices (Danny Glover and Tom Waits), to carry out a series of daring bank robberies. As Detective John Hunt (Casey Affleck) comes closer to bringing Tucker to justice he cannot help but be captivated by the methods of the charismatic old man. From director David Lowery (Pete’s Dragon, A Ghost Story, The Green Knight). 


See the film here. 

From Mike Leigh comes this British historical drama following the events which culminated in the Peterloo massacre at St. Peter's Field, Manchester in 1819. As the Napoleonic Wars reached an end, political unrest struck the nation as ongoing stretches of famine, unemployment and the introduction of the Corn Laws began to stir the working classes. A demonstration took place on 16th August led by Henry Hunt (Rory Kinnear) with the intention to challenge the government and propose parliamentary reform. Their hopes were soon diminished, however, when a cavalry charged in to the massive crowd, causing the situation to turn deadly. 

Day Seven – Mubi 

Good Vibrations 

See the film here.  

1970s Belfast. During the Troubles, unlike his friends who take up arms, rebel and music lover Terri Hooley decides to open a record shop on the most bombed half-mile in Europe—and he names it Good Vibrations. Joined by musicians, Terri sets out on a mission to return the spark and life to his city. A testament to the unifying power of art in turbulent times, rock music becomes an unlikely force for peace in this energetic biopic of Terri Hooley, the godfather of Belfast punk. While full of feel-good vibes, the film also authentically captures the unease of 1970s conflict-torn Northern Ireland. 


See the film here.

Ana is confronted with body and desire at three key moments of her life. As a young girl, she brings her dead grandpa back to life. In her puberty, she discovers the power of decay and sexuality. Finally, she wrestles with loss and loneliness when she returns to her parental home, now derelict. An astonishing feat of editing and sound design that filters half a century of Italian genre cinema through a hallucinatory prism, this rhapsodic debut from Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani is no mere pastiche. Conjuring an expressionistic giallo wonderland of sex and death, Amer is pure cinema. 


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As an unpredictable, sweeping pandemic causes people to develop sudden amnesia, a man finds himself enrolled in a recovery program designed to help him build a new life. His treatment: performing daily tasks prescribed by his doctors on cassette tape, and capturing those with a Polaroid camera. An amnesia pandemic is the backdrop for this subtly poignant and elegantly composed tragicomedy. The deadpan debut of former Yorgos Lanthimos collaborator Christos Nikou, Apples is an allegorical meditation on memory, identity and technology that heralds a profound new voice in the Greek Weird Wave. 

Lina From Lima 

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Lina is a Peruvian woman who works as a domestic helper for a wealthy Chilean family. She earns enough to make ends meet, and to send money back to her son in Lima. But when she prepares for her annual trip home for Christmas, she comes to the stark realisation that no one is really waiting for her. With witty tunes and vibrant costumes, this uplifting story about a Peruvian housekeeper defies expectations. In spite of her struggles, Lina’s passion persists: in her musical daydreams, she lives her best life. Unapologetic, funny and bold, Lina From Lima is the heartfelt story this summer needed.