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The All-New 7 Day Cinema Diet #6

The All-New 7 Day Cinema Diet #6

QUAD Cinema Programmer Adam Marsh brings you another seven days of fantastic film viewing options.

Another eclectic mix of films for you to view in the comfort of QUAD’s cinema screens or the comfort of your own home. All the recommendations have been pulled from QUAD’s weekly listings, free streaming platforms BBC iPlayer and All4, plus BFI Player and Amazon Prime (both available with free trials). 

See you at the movies! 

Adam J. Marsh

Day One – QUAD Cinema 

Earwig And the Witch (PG) 

See the film at QUAD. Book tickets here.

The new Studio Ghibli movie arrives at QUAD. Growing up in an orphanage in the British countryside, Earwig has no idea that her mother had magical powers. Her life changes dramatically when a strange couple takes her in, and she is forced to live with a selfish witch. As the headstrong young girl sets out to uncover the secrets of her new guardians, she discovers a world of spells and potions, and a mysterious song that may be the key to finding the family she has always wanted. 

Supernova (15) 

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After twenty years together, Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci)’s blissful life has been shattered following Tusker’s diagnosis with early onset dementia. The pair travel across England in their old camper van, visiting loved ones and returning to special places from their past. But as Sam and Tusker’s trip progresses and they are forced to confront the grave reality of their situation… Driven by two beautiful performances from Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci as a couple with a long history and an uncertain future, Harry Macqueen’s (Hinterland) introspective road movie is a deeply affecting and quietly provocative exploration of love in the face of tragedy.  

"Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci shine in a drama that cuts you to emotional shreds...British director Harry Macqueen's latest film feels utterly honest and real." - Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph 

Dream Horse (PG) 

See the film at QUAD. Book tickets here

When Jan Vokes (Toni Collette), a Welsh cleaner and bartender, overhears a customer (Damien Lewis) at the pub talking about a racehorse he once owned, she is inspired to acquire her own. Managing to persuade her neighbours and friends to invest in her crazy scheme, they proceed, naming their foal 'Dream Alliance' and rearing him together. Against all odds, he rises through the ranks and proves himself to be a match for the million-pound racehorses he comes up against. A crowd-pleasing dramatic take on a true story. 

"The feelgood Brit-com is back!" ★★★★ - The Times 

Treasure City (18) 

Available to Stream. See the film here

Dropped into a web of family, sexual, political and romantic relationships where nothing is quite what it seems. One event leads to something else, people appear in one situation and reappear in another and by the end the lives of 22 people intersect in unpredictable ways during a 90-minute period on one magical night in the city they share. 

Day Two – ALL4 

Another Country 

See the film here.

Another Country tells the story of Guy Bennett (Rupert Everett) and Tommy Judd (Colin Firth), teenage friends at an elite English public school during the summer of 1931. Clever, hedonistic and gay, Bennett is in his penultimate year of school and the future looks bright. He is convinced he will rise to the heights of his chosen career in the diplomatic service by eventually being appointed Ambassador in Paris. His best friend Judd, committed to Lenin's 'brave new world', despises such bourgeois aspirations. Homosexuality, honesty and hypocrisy are the main themes in this coming-of-age film, based on the award-winning play by Julian Mitchell. 

Brick Lane  

See the film here.

Moving adaptation of Monica Ali's award-winning novel about a young Bangladeshi woman who arrives in 1980s Britain to an arranged marriage and a new life. Trapped in a loveless marriage to a middle-aged man, newly arrived Nanzeen (Tannishtha Chatterjee) finds it hard to accept her new life, even more so when her sister back home still leads a carefree existence. Keeping her head down and trying to survive all that life throws at her, Nanzeen is soon forced to face reality when fate takes a hand in the shape of young, hotheaded Karim (Christopher Simpson). 


See the film here

In a village in the Thirunelveli District (TN), young lovers overcome the barriers placed on them by tradition & religion to be with each other. Shekhar (Arvind Swamy), a young Hindu and Shah Bano (Manisha Koirala) a Muslim girl, fall in love at first sight. When both of their families object to their getting married, Shekhar & Shah Bano elope and move to Bombay. They live happily for a few years with their young sons Kamal & Kabir (Masters Hriday & Harsha) until the Bombay riots break out on December 6th, 1992. Bombay, considered Mani Ratnam's finest film features excellent performances by Manisha Koirala and South Indian film super star Arvind Swamy.  

A Field In England 

See the film here

Set during the English Civil War, the film follows a small group of deserted soldiers who are captured by a mysterious alchemist by the name of O'Neil (Michael Smiley). When they are forced to help O'Neil find treasure that is believed to be hidden in a field, they feed themselves on the abundant mushrooms found in the English countryside. As their search continues, the group begin a quick descent into paranoid psychological turmoil and begin to suspect that the treasure they have been seeking may be something else altogether. Psychological horror directed by Ben Wheatley. 

Day Three – BBC iPlayer 

Double Dynamite 

See the film here. 

Bank teller Johnny Dalton (Frank Sinatra), too poor to marry his sweetheart, saves a big-time bookie from a beating and receives a munificent reward... which just happens to match a mysterious shortage at the bank! 

Pop Charts Britannia: 60 Years Of The Top 10 

See the film here

Documentary chronicling our ever-changing love affair with the British singles chart on the occasion of its sixtieth anniversary. From the first NME chart in 1952, via Pick and Top of the Pops to home-taping the Radio One chart show and beyond, we have measured out our lives to a wonderful churn of pop driven, unbeknownst to us, by a clandestine world of music biz hustle. Featuring contributions by 60 years of BBC chart custodians from David Jacobs to Reggie Yates, chart fans Grace Dent and Pete Paphides and music biz veterans Jon Webster and Rob Dickins 

An Impossible Love 

See the film here

Late 1950s France. Rachel (Virginie Efira), a young office worker, has a brief and passionate affair with Philippe (Niels Schneider). Despite the birth of a daughter, Chantal, Philippe refuses to marry below his bourgeois status. Rachel raises the child alone, but never gives up on the hope that Philippe will acknowledge that he is the father. 

The Big Sick  

See the film here

Struggling stand-up comic Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani) is a hit with heckler Emily (Zoe Kazan), but their affair ends just before a mystery illness has her in a coma. Abruptly absorbed with her care and sparring parents, Kumail struggles with his own Muslim family and their expectations. With Holly Hunter, Ray Romano and Bo Burnham. 

Day Four – BBC iPlayer 

Letter From An Unknown Woman 

See the film here

Stefan Brandt (Louis Jourdan) recalls his relationship with Lisa (Joan Fontaine) when he receives a letter from her in turn-of-the-century Vienna. The letter tells how Lisa fell in love with him as a girl, but was devastated when, after spending the night with him, he vanished from her life. A chance encounter years later rekindled her passion, but led to further heartbreak. 

Queen Rock Montreal 

See the film here. 

In November 1981, with Under Pressure topping the charts in the UK, Queen arrived in Montreal following dates in Japan and their record-breaking tour of Latin America. It was to be the only concert by Queen that was ever shot on film. Always a great live band, with arguably the greatest frontman of all time in Freddie Mercury, they excelled themselves with the cameras rolling. 


See the film here

Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdams star in this drama about the Boston Globe's uncovering of a widespread sex abuse scandal within the Catholic Church. The film follows the reporters of the paper's Spotlight Team, Michael Rezendes (Ruffalo), Sacha Pfeiffer (McAdams) and Matt Carroll (Brian d'Arcy James), and their team editor Walter 'Robby' Robinson (Keaton) as they work to satisfy the Globe's new top editor (Liev Schreiber)'s demands for an impactful local story. Investigating the scandal on multiple fronts, the journalists work at length to expose the alleged historic child abuse carried out by the Massachusetts clergy and how it was able to be concealed and covered up for so many years. 

Out Of Blue 

See the film here. 

Patricia Clarkson stars as a detective in this crime drama directed by Carol Morley. When renowned astrophysicist and black hole expert Jennifer Rockwell (Mamie Gummer) is found dead next to her telescope, Detective Mike Hoolihan (Clarkson) investigates the killing. The first two suspects she identifies are Jennifer's academic colleagues Ian Strammi (Toby Jones) and Duncan Reynolds (Jonathan Majors). However, finding out more about the victim only further mystifies Hoolihan's certainty about what happened in this particular case as she is made to confront the nature of existence and the vastness of the universe. The cast also features James Caan and Jacki Weaver. 

Day Five – BFI Player – Pride Month Special 


See the film here

Based on a story by Jean Genet, the final film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder is many things: a surreal fever dream of subversive eroticism; a tribute to the beauty of its late star, Brad Davis; and an iconic piece of design which inspired Jean-Paul Gaultier's 80s collections. Jeanne Moreau plays a brothel madam caught up in the violent sexual awakening of Davis' naive young sailor. 

Enfant Terrible 

See the film here

One of the defining names in the New German Cinema movement of the 1960s and 70s, Fassbinder made over 40 feature length films (including such queer classics as Fox and His Friends and The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant) before his death, aged just 37. With his riveting, bracingly stylised biopic, director Oskar Roehler paints an uncompromising portrait of the troubled (and troubling) man behind the camera, driven by a remarkable central performance from Oliver Masucci. Documenting key moments and relationships in Fassbinder’s life from his theatre beginnings through to the production of his final film Querelle, Enfant Terrible is no straightforward exercise in hagiography. Instead, Roehler has crafted a heady evocation of an artist fuelled by addiction, whose undeniable genius was matched only by his cruelty to those around him. 

Love And Death On Long Island  

See the film here

Richard Kwietniowski (Owning Mahony) directs this satirical comedy-drama about fame, obsession, and illusion starring acting great John Hurt. Giles (Hurt) is a widower who loves the cinema, but one day stumbles upon a film very much out of his purview – Hotpants College II, starring Ronnie Bostock (Jason Priestley). Giles finds himself infatuated with Ronnie, researching his career, life, and even his hometown. Giles decides to track down Ronnie in Long Island City to meet the young actor. Hurt (The Elephant Man, Midnight Express), best known for his grave and dramatic performances, finds the humour and heart of Giles – he never alienates the audience from the character, but rather helps us understand his longing and confusion. It is an astonishing performance with equal parts of comedy and pathos. 


See the film here. 

Anna Biller's outrageous sexploitation satire follows bored housewife Barbi as she searches for adventure in predatory 1970s Los Angeles. Drawing on an encyclopaedic knowledge of classic exploitation cinema, director/writer/set designer/actress Anna Biller meticulously reconstructs the soft-porn aesthetic of Playboy-era America in this charming and hilarious feminist satire. 

Day Six – BFI Player 


See the film here

In her first feature since 2008’s The Headless Woman, Lucrecia Martel creates a memorable exploration of personal malaise. Adapting Antonio Di Benedetto’s existential novel, it follows Don Diego de Zama (Daniel Giménez Cacho), a minor officer in an unnamed colony of the 18th-century Spanish crown, desperate to return to his family. As his request is repeatedly delayed by red tape, Martel charts his progressive decline with opulent visuals and a multi-layered soundscape. 

Sanshiro Sugata  

See the film here. 

The director’s debut film, introducing the first Akira Kurosawa hero: a feckless judo champ who discovers social responsibility and finds illumination in the lotus pond. Little by little Sanshiro learns the truth about life and in the celebrated climax on the windswept heath he finds that strength is not enough – but that endurance is. 


See the film here. 

Set amongst the lively milieu of artists and jazz musicians in bohemian 1950s New York, John Cassavetes' directorial debut follows the doomed relationship between a young mixed-race woman Lelia (Lelia Goldoni) and Tony (Anthony Ray), a white man who betrays his prejudice when he meets Lelia's brother, a struggling jazz singer. Shot on location with a cast and crew largely made up of amateurs and featuring a swinging, improvised score by Charles Mingus and Shafi Hadi, Shadows gave birth to a radical new film language grounded in authenticity, and is widely considered the first truly independent American film. 


See the film here

David Cronenberg’s preoccupation with the notion of 'body horror' is developed further in this early cult favourite from the acclaimed filmmaker. After a motorcycle crash, Rose (Marilyn Chambers) receives some experimental plastic surgery with the unfortunate side effect that she awakens with a hunger for human blood. Her bloodlust kickstarts a terrifying epidemic, as each person she infects transforms into a crazed, homicidal zombie. Things quickly spiral out of control - with gruesome consequences. Continuing the body-horror trajectory Cronenberg initiated in his earlier Shivers (1975), Rabid is both a horrifying allegory and a frenzied thrill-ride. An important example of cult Canadian cinema as much as an auteur-driven genre film, Rabid finds Cronenberg developing his ideas around horrors that come from within and is prime example of the director's signature fusion of decay, dread, and terror. 

Day Seven – Amazon Prime 

Little Otik 

See the film here

From Jan Svankmajer, award-winning director of Faust, comes a dark, surreal fable about parental responsibility. Bozena and Karel long to have a baby and when one day he uproots a tree stump that looks like a child, her runaway maternal desires bring it to life.  

The Hateful Eight 

See the film here

Bounty Hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russell) and his fugitive Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) race towards the town of Red Rock where Ruth will bring Domergue to justice. Along the road, they encounter: Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) and Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins). Seeking refuge at Minnie’s Haberdashery, they are greeted by four unfamiliar faces. As the storm overtakes the mountainside, our eight travellers come to learn they may not make it to Red Rock.  


See the film here.

Jon Favreau directs, writes and co-produces this movie in which he also stars alongside John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, Robert Downey Jr and Dustin Hoffman. Restaurant owner Riva (Hoffman) refuses to let his chef Carl Casper (Favreau)'s creative juices flow, giving him an ultimatum - either cook the dishes on the menu or leave. Although Carl sticks to the menu, bad reviews criticising his lack of creativity result in a Twitter war and he loses his job. With the help of his friend Martin (Leguizamo), ex-wife Inez (Vergara) and son Percy (Emjay Anthony), Carl opens up a food truck and tours the country with his culinary delights, rediscovering his passion for cooking along the way. 

Saint Maud 

See the film here.

A bold and strikingly original psychological chiller, heralding the arrival of a bold new voice in British cinema - debut director Rose Glass - and a breakout lead performance from Morfydd Clark, Saint Maud is a deeply unnerving must-see for film-lovers and adventurous horror fans alike. Live-in nurse Maud (Morfydd Clark) arrives at the home of Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), a famous dancer now frail from illness and trapped in her grand, isolated house. At first Amanda is intrigued by this religious young woman, who provides distraction from her failing health. Maud, in turn, is bewitched by her new patient. But Maud is not all that she seems. She is tormented by a violent secret from her past and by ecstatic messages she believes are directly from God. She becomes convinced she has been sent to Amanda not simply as a nurse, but to serve a divine purpose. As her grip on reality slides out of control, Maud's care turns into a deadly mission to save Amanda's soul, by any means necessary.