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New Wave Of Fantastic British Cinema + Host (15)

26 Sep 2021

Directed by

Rob Savage

New Wave Of Fantastic British Cinema + Host (15)

Join the Paracinema Team and film writer David Dent (Dark Eyes Of London) for a mini recap of the year in British Fantastic Cinema. David is continuing the sterling work started by MJ Simpson to cover every British Fantastic film released in the year through his film blog Dark Eyes Of London (

In the first of an annual event, we take a look at the year and highlight some of the great work being done on a variety of budget levels in These Severed Isles!  

Followed by a screening of Host (15)

Amidst a worldwide pandemic, six friends employ the services of a medium and assemble to conduct a virtual séance over an online video chat. Their initial scepticism soon turns to terror as a malevolent supernatural guest makes its presence known. The horror hit of Lockdown, Rob Savage’s excellent Host builds on the promise of his shorts and placed him at the forefront of British Horror.