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Satori Screen: Bruce's Deadly Fingers (Advised 18)

24 Jun 2022

Directed by

Joseph Kong

Bruce's Deadly Fingers (Advised 15)

When Bruce Lee died shortly before the premiere of his most famous film Enter The Dragon in 1973 many unscrupulous film producers did not see this as a reason to stop using his name to draw a crowd and the Bruceploitation genre was born. These films would often featuring previously unknown martial arts performers, rechristened with names like Bruce Lai, Bruce Li, Dragon Lee and Bruce Ly, and often even found ways to introduce Bruce Lee as a character into their plots. The Bruceploitation genre remains a fascinatingly bizarre corner of cult film history and Bruce's Deadly Fingers is one of the most bonkers and entertaining films to come out of it.

Bruce's Deadly Fingers stars Bruce Le (birth name: Huang Jianlong) as a young martial arts student who must rescue Bruce Lee's ex-girlfriend after she is kidnapped and recover Lee's "Kung Fu Finger Book”, a legendary notebook containing the secrets of his martial arts techniques. Along the way he will be forced to take part in a non-stop barrage of outrageous fights, making this a Bruceploitation power-party that you don’t want to miss.

This screening will include an introduction from Satori Screen's Peter Munford.

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