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Burnt Offerings (Advised 18) - Paracinema Shorts

27 Sep 2021

Directed by


Burnt Offerings (18 ) - Paracinema Shorts

The embers of these shorts will continue to burn with you long after you’ve witnessed them.  

Shorts Line-Up 

La Llorona – Dir: Jose Quintero 

A new interpretation of the La Llorona folk tale.  

Unspeakable Things – Dir: Jamie Thornham 

Hannah is a mute teenager. Thomas eats roadkill. After Hannah is sent to live with her uncle in the lonely countryside, the two meet, forming an uncanny relationship. Their only obstacle is the outside world. 

Guest – Dir: Finn Callan 

A young woman takes drastic measures to rid herself of a mysterious, otherworldly creature known as ‘The Guest’. 

PKD9000 – Dir: Brandon Boudreaux 

Throughout the course of a day a subhurban family’s life turns into a nightmare when their new “smart” microwave, the PKD9000, takes on a life of its own. 

Maxwell’s Eulogy – Dir: Harry Harwood

When Craig’s estranged relatives set him the task of writing and performing a eulogy for a family member. Apprehensive, he is immediately struck by writer’s block. He quickly becomes obsessive over getting this eulogy finished. 

Fearfully Made – Dir: Jamie Foreman 

When Arthur’s wife, Maggie, is taken into a nursing home, his daughter buys him a care robot. Arthur is no fan of his new ‘carer’, but things take a darker turn when she begins to block his attempts to call Maggie. Desperate and feeling trapped, Arthur plans his escape. 

Advice – Dir: Pat Battistini 

Several years after his wife’s passing, a man decides to get back into the dating scene with a little help from his son’s advice.