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QUAD x No Jobs in the Arts Artist in Residence: Christie Freeman

09 May
22 May 2022
Christie Freeman
Image credit: Christie Freeman: Aphonic

We are pleased to announce that the artist selected for the new QUAD x No Jobs in the Arts (NJITA) Residency is Christie Freeman. Christie is currently a third-year BA Fine Art student at the University of Derby.

The Residency was created to recognise outstanding and early-career artists from the Midlands-wide submissions to the recent No Jobs in the Arts’ #6 OPEN CALL – selected by members of the QUAD Curatorial team and the NJITA team.

Christie will undertake a 2-week Residency (including a one-week takeover of the @quad_gallery Instagram page) in QUAD’s Artist Studio, along with mentoring and curatorial support from QUAD’s Programme Team.

The Residency will take place between 9 - 22 May 2022. Christie’s Instagram takeover will be between 16 - 22 May.


Christie Freeman  

Christie Freeman’s art practise is focused on concepts such as beauty standards, the representation of women within media, and the use of contraceptives, but it is not limited to these. Christie uses silhouetted images in addition to surreal ideas and layering techniques to create her body of work. 

The use of collage as a medium is apt, as collage is a unique medium that allows her to connect ideas in order to create artworks that stimulate critical thinking in viewers. It was used by Dada artists to challenge conventional ideas, which is what she is trying to achieve, challenging beauty ideals and the way society views women, through the disturbing portrayals in her collages. 

Each collage series is conveying a distinct issue or conversation. The use of analogue images and the physical deconstruction and reconstruction of said images is integral to her art practice. In addition to the layering of meanings and use of images that hold certain connotations, it allows for a symbolic renovation of concepts, such as beauty ideals. 

Christie creates these artworks to offer insight into certain situations that others may not have experienced, in order to create a platform for discourse.


Christie Freeman Biography

Christie-Anne Freeman is a British artist, born in Zimbabwe in June 2000. She is currently studying Fine Art at the University of Derby. Her practice is focused on the medium of collage and how it can be used to convey certain issues pertaining to women in contemporary society.