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Cine-Lit Podcast Ep.18: Dario Argento

Cine-Lit Podcast Ep.18: Dario Argento

The nights are drawing in and thoughts turn to horror as Halloween fast approaches. This episode of Cine-Lit looks at the work of the Italian maestro of horror Dario Argento.

From his early films - including his Animal Trilogy (Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Cat O' Nine Tails, Four Flies On Grey Velvet) which established the key characteristic of the giallo subgenre - to his Three Mothers films (Suspiria, Inferno and The Mother Of Tears) and everything in between. An auteur of horror, an incredible influence on cinema, Dario will go down in history as one of the key figures in horror cinema.

Adam and Darrell are joined by John Martin, co-founder of the influential British fanzine Samhain before editing and publishing his own Giallo Pages, devoted to spaghetti exploitation cinema. He is also the author of The Seduction of the Gullible: The Curious History of the British "Video Nasties" Phenomenon and remains the longest serving contributor to The Dark Side, the world's longest running and bestselling horror film magazine.


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