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Cine-Lit Podcast Ep. #32: Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner

For this podcast Adam and Darrell take a look at the film career of Kathleen Turner. She arrived on the film scene in 1981 and was an immediate success establishing her as an A-List actor.

From the smouldering sexuality of Body Heat, to the mousey romance novelist of Romancing The Stone and outrageous roles for Ken Russell and John Waters, Turner has had a career that should be the envy of most Hollywood A-Listers.

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Adam sits down with Darrell Buxton, not just Cine-Lit's resident expert but also editor extraordinaire of two new short story collections.

Darrell has assembled two collections of the BHF Book Of Horror Stories. Book Four is packed cover to cover with stories based on British Horror Films while Book Five is all killer no filler with horror stories based on song titles.

Featuring interviews with authors Ian Taylor, Selene Paxton-Brooks, Samantha Crosby and Neil Pike.

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