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Colette Chien Artist Residency

01 Aug
07 Aug 2022
Colette Chien Residency

QUAD is delighted that the artist Colette Chien will be undertaking a residency with us from 1 – 7 August 2022. We are happy to start a new program, QUAD Staff Artist in Residence Scheme, that across the super team here at QUAD we have a lot of amazing creative individuals who work in a range of roles across the organisation. Colette’s Instagram takeover will be between 2 – 6 Aug 2022. 

QUAD is excited to work with them on a week residency where Colette Chien is very much present through one-to-one interactions with the QUAD team, taking over and utilising the QUAD Gallery Instagram page as a virtual exhibition space. 

Colette’s Personal Statement  

My work encompasses many art platforms and gives a visceral perspective into what it means to be the self. I hope to clue in my audience on the magic of everyday nuances that surround us. Poetry to me is the paradox of reality, all-enveloping yet in a place just above real life. With my photography I try to do the same. Even though it is the art rooted most in reality, my intentions are to subvert the viewer into second guessing the space. In mostly panoramic settings, I create a world beyond reality as a type of portal or escape.    

While my work may try to emulate other worlds, I also want to remind my audience that planet earth is the only one we have. Themes of environmentalism often show up in my work, attempting to dissolve the idea of nature and humanity as disparate or opposing forces. Humankind’s fate is linked to that of earth’s, and while we may think our lives are different from a tree’s, a deer’s, a worm’s, you’d be surprised at the commonalities we share. Inciting empathy and inviting action toward preserving and protecting our planet is something I try to make come across in all my work 

Colette’s Biography 

Colette Rae Chien is an artist born in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, where she studied wildlife ecology, photography, and poetry. She focuses her work around themes of environment and personal discovery. Her poetry has been published in The Bookends Review, Sparkle & Blink, Tofu Ink Art Press, The Rising Phoenix Review, and the forthcoming book Us Clumsy Gods by Ash Good, among other publications. Colette was recently awarded the Stanley and Evelyn Lipkin Prize for Poetry. Colette's photography has been published in WAXING & WANING among other publications. // @s.lipperyart on Instagram