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The County (12A) S

22 Sep
24 Sep 2020

Directed by

Grimur Hakonarson

The County

A woman (Arndis Hronn Egilsdottir) takes on the corruption of her local co-op and the outdated, exploitative system that supports it in this rousing, crowd-pleasing drama, the latest from acclaimed Icelandic filmmaker Grimur Hakonarson (Rams). Driven by Egilsdottir’s gritty and moving performance (and featuring a fine turn from Rams star Sigurour Sigurjonsson as the Co-op’s sleazy director), Hakonarson explores Iceland’s deeply rooted rural culture, brilliantly depicting how the harsh conditions of life for Icelanders in these regions tend to engender a resistance to change within their ranks – even as the status quo threatens their own well-being.

“A fierce fight for justice in the Icelandic highlands" **** 4 stars – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

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