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Satori Screen: Daimajin (Monster Of Terror) (Advised 12A) S

16 Jul 2021

Directed by

Kimiyoshi Yasuda

Daimajin (Advised 12A)

In 16th century rural Japan the people of a small village lives in fear of Daimajin, a spirit which is said to inhabit a local rock formation. When the benevolent local lord is slaughtered in a treacherous coup his son and daughter escape to the local mountains where they are protected by an elderly priestess. A decade later, when the priestess is also murdered, the rage of the slumbering spirit is invoked in the form of a gigantic statue to bring vengeance to the family. Produced by the Daiei studio, Daimajin (AKA Monster Of Terror) is the first of a three film series drawing upon the rich realm of Japanese folklore to create a vibrant competitor to Toho’s Godzilla franchise. 

This screening will be introduced by Satori Screen's Peter Munford. 

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