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Deerskin (15) S

23 Jul
29 Jul 2021

Directed by

Quentin Dupieux


Georges (Jean Dujardin – The Artist), a 40-year old man who’s just been dumped by his wife, buys a $9,000 western-style suede fringed jacket from an elderly man living in the Alps. The man throws an old camcorder into the deal. This prompts Georges to tell the locals that he is in town working on a film. Denise (Adele Haenel – Portrait Of A Lady On Fire) decides to join him as he makes his mockumentary. Georges becomes increasingly obsessed with his jacket causing him to blow his savings on the film and go to some dark places in this oddball comedy.  

"Deerskin is a deliciously ridiculous farce played largely straight. This is a jacket you will feel the benefit of." ★★★★ - Empire Magazine