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Everything Went Fine (15) S

24 Jun
30 Jun 2022

Directed by

François Ozon

Everything Went Fine

André (André Dussollier) has never been the easiest of fathers. But when he suffers a debilitating stroke and calls on his daughter Emmanuèle (Sophie Marceau) to help him die with some dignity, she finds herself faced with a painful decision. When her husband asks why André would ask this of his daughter, her response is clear: ‘That’s why, because I’m his daughter.’ An adaptation of Emmanuèle Bernheim’s memoir, Everything Went Fine is both a detailed portrait of family relationships and a frank account of the process involved in assisted dying. Steering clear of the moral arguments such issues often raise, the film instead focuses on the reckoning Emmanuèle has with her difficult relationship with a stubborn and unrelenting father, and coming to terms with how to help him now, despite it.

Acknowledging the emotional toll such a process involves, Everything Went Fine’s matter-of-factness elicits moments of humour that not only emphasises the humanity of its characters but also renders an otherwise weighty topic accessible.

"The performances from Dussollier and Marceau are quietly outstanding" - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian