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Horror Holiday (Advised 18) - Paracinema Shorts

27 Sep 2021

Directed by


Horror Holiday (Advised 18) - Paracinema Shorts

Paracinema head out into the wide world so you don’t have to! Featuring a demonic selection from The Netherlands, Greece, Germany, France, Argentina, Ireland and Canada. 

Shorts Line-Up 

Woodland Cemetery – Dir: Niels Bourgonje    Netherlands  

A photographer has the assignment to shoot Skogskyrkogarden, a cemetery located in the woods of Stockholm. There she sees an old woman placing a lantern on a grave. When the photographer shoots a picture of this very private moment, she soon finds out that this haunting image is more haunted than she bargained for. 

Mourning Rites - Dir: Alejandro Mathe´    Germany   

A mourning woman in her twenties is preparing to summon the ghost of her grandmother at the laundrette where she died. While a storm rages outside, a loud-mouthed Drag Queen wiggles her way in, seemingly disturbing her plans. But is it possible that the interloper can help her?  

Inertia - Dir: George Tsirakidis   Greece 

An isolated man confronts his inner thoughts. A surreal horror short. 

Equilibre - Dir: Pat Lafeline    France 

Daria leads a double life between a neo-classical dance company and a clandestine night club. The mysterious disappearance of one of the troupe cause Daria to open her eyes to the worlds she inhabits. She then invites a dangerous customer for a private dance.... 

Anacronte - Dir: Raul Koler & Emiliano Sette    Argentina 

Anacronte and the Sorcerers Of Evil, without emotion, put humanity to the ultimate test. A test that only has two outcomes for the participants – winners and losers. Animation.  

Where There’s Smoke - Dir: Bea Santos   Canada 

Two roommates, led by a mysterious sound, attempt to channel the spirit of their dead friend. 

Now Following You - Dir: Patrick Foster    Ireland 

A lonely girl eager to increase her social media presence gets a new second-hand phone but she can see someone through the camera lens.