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The Matrix Resurrections (15)

14 Jan
20 Jan 2022

Directed by

Lana Wachowski

The Matrix Resurrections (15)

Return to a world of two realities: one, everyday life; the other, what lies behind it. To find out if his reality is a physical or mental construct, to truly know himself, Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) will have to choose to follow the white rabbit once more. And if Thomas (or Neo) has learned anything, it’s that choice, while an illusion, is still the only way out of—or into—the Matrix. Of course, Neo already knows what he has to do. But what he doesn’t yet know is the Matrix is stronger, more secure and more dangerous than ever before.  Déjà vu.

"The Wachowskis pioneered the modern cinema we know and love - it's fitting that The Matrix is back to resurrect it" ★★★★★ - Little White Lies