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OSS117 - From Africa With Love (12A) S

03 Dec 2021

Directed by

Nicolas Bedos

OSS117 - From Africa With Love (12A) S

Nicolas Bedos, who made La Belle époque, takes over the reins from Michel Hazanavicius for the third chapter of the satirical adventures of Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath aka secret agent OSS 117.  

The action kicks off as Hubert is being held prisoner by the Soviets in Afghanistan in 1981, but makes a daring escape involving taunting a Russian baddie, pulling the pin on a grenade and leaping aboard a helicopter in flight. OSS 117 exudes confidence and might just be the luckiest idiot alive. The subtext is critical of France’s ostensibly well-meaning but ultimately exploitative and disastrous policies in Africa. Jean Dujardin suavely leads the cast as Hubert and is joined by Pierre Niney and Fatou N’Diaye.