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Pool Of London (PG)

19 Oct
22 Oct 2020

Directed by

Basil Dearden

Pool Of London

The first of two Basil Dearden films that Earl Cameron starred in, Pool Of London follows two sailors Dan Macdonald and Cameron’s Johnny Lambert as they become involved in a diamond Heist in 1950’s London Docklands.  Dan learns his involvement in smuggling has made him the chief suspect in a murder case, and reluctantly goes on the run. While Johnny falls for a local ticket seller Pat. Pat and Johnny’s relationship in the film is considered one of the first interracial relationship in British film.

For Black History month and starting off our season Reforming the Image: Black representation on screen, we are remembering the ground-breaking work of Bermudan actor Earl Cameron who passed away this Summer. Cameron broke the colour bar and contributed to the first black representation on the British screen.