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Digital Participatory Artist in Residence at QUAD: Soa J. Hwang

01 Jan
31 Mar 2022
Artwork by Soa J. Hwang
Image credit: RainbowxChaser, image © Soa J. Hwang

January 2022

Digital Participatory Artist in Residence at QUAD:

Soa J. Hwang

QUAD is delighted to announce that Soa J. Hwang as our latest Digital Participatory Artist in Residence. The Digital Participation Artist in Residence programme is for artists who are engaged with the theory and practice of innovative digital arts practices and research.
Soa will be in residence from January to March 2022 and will deliver a series of talks and workshops for audiences and participants at QUAD. She is interested in exploring the possibility of computational technology as a creative art-making tool to go beyond the traditional boundaries of art. Utilising game engine software Unity, 3D software Maya and VFX software Houdini, she knowingly collapses boundaries and pushes painting into the interactive digital realm, reimagining it as an evolutionary medium.  

For the Digital Participatory Residency at QUAD, Soa will develop a new thought-provoking body of work experimenting with how creative technology can extend the public sphere of art and provide post-pandemic audiences with an accessible and transformative experience of art.

Titled < Rainbow x Chaser >, the new body of work will invite audiences into a multi-sensoary psychological landscape inspired by the artist’s challenges and absurdity of the pandemic. Endeavouring to find a glimpse of hope, <Rainbow x Chaser > was conceived from a desire to make sense of heightened emotions of the unknown, for consolation, escapism and longing for connection

Soa J. Hwang Bio
Soa J. Hwang is a British-Korean transmedia artist based in London. Her work utilises a video game engine as a hybrid tool to paint the different perspectives on time, memory, and experience.

Soa explores the possibilities of machine language as a decentralised creative instrument to empower self-discovery and the expression of marginalised voices. Drawing on her own experience as a migrant mother living in London, her immersive installations destabilise a singular view of the world.

Visit the artist's website here.