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Souad (12A) S

17 Sep
19 Sep 2021

Directed by

Ayten Amin

Souad (12A) S

Selected to screen at Cannes 2020 and the 2021 Berlinale, Ayten Amin’s vital second feature explores the double life of a spirited young Egyptian Woman. Zagazig, north of Cairo: 19 year old Souad (Bassant Ahmed) is on the cusp of adulthood, but her desire for new freedoms clashes with the expectations of her family, religion and society. In public, she is a diligent student, obedient daughter and sister (to 13-year-old Rabab, played by Basmala Elghaiesh), but in private, she maintains a more liberated alter ego and makes romantic connections online. Trying to outwit the limitations imposed upon her by constantly adopting different personalities, she dreams of a trult self-determined life; but her ambitions are at odds with reality. Moving between Zagazig and more cosmopolitan Alexandria, Souad offers a complex picture of contemporary Egypt that’s both affectionate and critical, as well as a moving portrait of its youth as they aspire to be loved, to live and be born into the wider world.


Saturday 18th September 3:30pm


★★★★ ‘Powerful and enduring’ Empire