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Sound Of Metal (15)

21 May
27 May 2021

Directed by

Darius Marder

Sound Of Metal (15)

Riz Ahmed is superb in his Oscar nominated role as a heavy metal drummer who, after losing his hearing, is forced to re-evaluate his place in the world. Ex-addict Ruben (Ahmed) is on tour with his girlfriend and bandmate Lou (Olivia Cooke), hammering out ferocious sets night after night. When he suddenly loses his hearing, his life is thrown into turmoil. If he can’t recover it, who will he become? In a home for Deaf addicts, Ruben must choose between his new Deaf community and fighting to hold on to what has always defined him. Marder uses innovative sound design to create a powerful soundscape of scrapes and muffles that give you a real sense of Ruben’s sonic experience and interior world. 

Please note that all screenings of Sound Of Metal will feature subtitles both for spoken dialogue as well as sequences where characters communicate through sign language.

"A film that deserves to be seen by the widest possible audience, reminding us of cinema's unique ability to challenge, entertain, uplift and unite" - Mark Kermode