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The Big Hit (15) S

09 Jul
14 Jul 2022

Directed by

Emmanuel Courcol

The Big Hit (15) S

Inspired by remarkable true events, multi award-winning writer Emmanuel Courcol’s rousing, Cannes-selected directorial debut follows a dedicated out-of-work actor (Kad Merad) whose career takes an unexpected left turn.

Disillusioned and divorced middle-aged thespian Étienne (Merad) accepts an arts rehabilitation role, leading a theatre workshop group at a prison, under the watchful eye of open-minded but cautious warden Ariane (Marina Hands). His program attracts a motley group, and Étienne, surprised by the raw talent he unearths, comes up with the idea of workshopping Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”. To the surprise of many, the play’s existential themes prove to be a natural fit for the inmates, and the connection between the cast and their kind-hearted director grows stronger with every rehearsal... though not without exception, and some very unexpected ramifications.

To spoil what develops would be criminal, but when the story of the real theatre troupe’s exploits went viral worldwide, Samuel Beckett himself commented: “That’s the best thing that happened to this play since I wrote it!”