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The Filmmaker's House (12A)

26 Jul
29 Jul 2021

Directed by

Marc Isaacs

The Filmmaker's House (12A)

When the filmmaker is told his next film must be about sex, crime or celebrity to get funded, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He begins shooting a film in his home, with people connected to his own life becoming its stars: the two English builders employed to replace his fence; his Pakistani neighbour, with whom he temporarily shares a garden; a homeless Slovakian, who invites himself in and tests everyone’s ideas of the boundaries between host and guests in the process; and the filmmaker’s Colombian cleaner, who is charmed by all who visit. One of the UK’s foremost documentary filmmakers, the multi award-winning Marc Isaacs (Lift, Travellers, Outside the Court) tells stories of modern Britain by connecting with ordinary people; often making the process of getting to know those people an integral part of his work. Blending documentary and fiction, The Filmmaker’s House is laced with wry humour, emotional intensity and a radical curiosity, resulting in a film that is both a meditation on, and a rebellion against, the act of filmmaking itself.