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Derby Peace Week - The Tinderbox (Cert. TBC) + Director Q+A

21 Sep 2021

Directed by

Gillian Mosely

The Tinderbox

A rare and thought-provoking examination of both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from its catalyst to why it still rages, to what needs to happen for it to stop. The Tinderbox combines ancient and more recent history, geopolitical problems (racism, inequality, immigration, and fake truths), and psychology, with the deeply personal journey of one person forced to challenge everything they’d been taught about the conflict in Israel and Palestine. The film also shows the human face of this conflict by hearing from a wide variety of contemporary voices, ranging from a Settler to a political member of Hamas. Today, while this conflict still rages, an American Middle East Peace Plan is in the works, and anti-Semitism and Islamophobia remain as globally controversial as ever, this film will provide context, show how history continues to play out in the daily lives of people on either side of the divide, and will empower audiences to make up their own minds.

We are delighted to welcome Director Gillian Mosely to introduce her film. Following the film there will be a Q&A with Gillian about The Tinderbox.

Running order 

7:00pm - Introduction by Director Gillian Mosely
7:15pm - The Tinderbox
8:45pm - Q&A with Gillian Mosely.

Estimated finish: 9:30pm