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1971 Season - Two Lane Blacktop (15)

13 Oct 2021

Directed by

Monte Hellman

1971 Season - Two Lane Blacktop (15)

With the melancholy open-road epic Two Lane Blacktop, American auteur Monte Hellman poeticised the beautiful, terrible rootlessness of his nation in the era of Vietnam. Funded by Universal in a bid to recreate the success of Easy Rider, it is now regarded as one of the key films of the New Hollywood renaissance in the early 70s. While driving eastward on Route 66, two rival car owners The Driver (singer-songwriter James Taylor) and The Mechanic (Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys) in a souped up, drag-racing ’55 Chevy, and a middle-aged braggart (Warren Oates) in a gleaming GTO begin to race for each other’s “pink slips” and the affection of the listless female hitchhiker (Laurie Bird) who joins them on the road. A timeless, existential portrait of lives in transit and of a country questioning its identity.

The screening on 7pm will be introduced by Film Historian Darrell Buxton

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