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Twotwo (Advised 15)

20 Nov
22 Nov 2021

Directed by

Jun Hoskulds

Twotwo + Short Film Pragma (Cert. TBC)

David had the dream life. Good education, suit and tie job in the corporate world, an apartment with a view Downtown LA. His life collapses when he loses this job, can’t find any other work, and can’t pay his rent. Depressed and hung over after a night of pills and drinking, David wakes up in a dirty back alley. A homeless man starts talking with him. David doesn't care to listen, but the old man seems to know a lot about life, and strangely, about him. He makes David an offer: to “give it all up, in order to find it all over again”, in a very similar, but much better, parallel universe. In this new world he meets the mysterious and beautiful Twotwo, a girl with a number for name, who likes artists and has unique powers she uses to help them. She has no memory of her past, no belongings and no home, but many places she can stay. Somehow even if it seems like they have nothing in common, she likes to spend time with David, teaching him things, and ultimately revealing his own truth to him. As she tries to enlighten David, his faith is tested. Is he ready? 

It’s a double trip, one for David as he gets to know Twotwo and learn from her, and the other for us, seeing more into this other world that David can’t see. Twotwo is a fantasy film, a metaphor about life, purpose, connecting, spirituality, love, creativity, parallel universes, and the unseen presence of a power always watching. 

The screening on Saturday 20 November will have an introduction and a Q&A with director Jun Hoskulds.