UK Ghost Story Festival 2021

26 Nov
28 Nov 2021

UK Ghost Story Festival 2021

The UK Ghost Story Festival returns for its second iteration in 2021, running from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th November. Taking in three days of panels, workshops, readings, talks and more focussed on ghost stories and folk horror, this event is a must-attend for fans of supernatural fiction. With weekend passes available, as well as tickets for individual events, you can tailor your Ghost Story Festival experience to suit!




Participating speakers:
Vicky Brewster
Darrell Buxton
Simon Clark
Alex Davis
Don't Go Into the Cellar Theatre
Stephanie Ellis
Tracy Fahey
Simon Fairbanks
Alyson Faye
Anita Frank
Susannah Heffernan
Eli John (Artist)
Peter Laws
Caroline Lea
Laura Mauro
Mark Morris
Neil Spring
Rhiannon/Sarah Ward
AJ West

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Image by Thirdman at Pexels

With Tracy Fahey  Folk horror is undergoing a massive revival in film and print. This workshop offers pointers on borrowing from folklore, and understanding…

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Anita Frank – Seances, Spooks and Spiritualism

Anita Frank will be discussing the supernatural inspirations behind her debut novel The Lost Ones - shortlisted for both the Historical Writers’ Association…

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Image by Luca Paul Dross at Pexels

Join us for a truly haunting way to round out the first and second days of the UK Ghost Story Festival, with a pair of paranormal performances each night to…

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The Changeling

 To tie in with this year's UK Ghost Story Festival, Fright Club is bringing you a ghostly screening of Peter Medak's supernatural classic The Changeling.…

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Many writers and critics have tried to define the rules of a ghost story over the years – but is there any value in those claims, and how might they help us to write great stories in the form? This session will explore some of what defines a ghost story, to what extent you can consider them as rules, and also what rules you may have to establish in telling your own terrifying tales.  Price: £9  Image by Cottonbro via Pexels

With Alex Davis. Many writers and critics have tried to define the rules of a ghost story over the years – but is there any value in those claims, and how…

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UK Ghost Story Festival: Peter Laws – The Frighteners and Beyond

Peter Laws is the author of the Matt Hunter novel series and the non-fiction book The Frighteners, which explores and defends our fascination with the macabre…

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Farzad Sedaghat via Pexels

With Darrell Buxton. Uncanny tales can take unusual forms, as evidenced within the crop of exciting music releases in the years following the punk explosion.…

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UK Ghost Story Festival: Illustrating MR James

With Eli John One of the UK’s leading artists for supernatural fiction, Eli John has been illustrating for exciting volumes from Centipede Press, Zagava Press…

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Rhiannon Ward - The Shadowing

Reading, Talk and Q+A Following on from the success of The Quickening, Rhiannon Ward’s latest ghost story The Shadowing tells the story of Hester’s search for…

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Image by Rachel Claire via Pexels

Panel: Simon Fairbanks, Alyson Faye, Mark Morris, Laura Mauro Ghost stories have so often thrived in the short form, with tales from the likes of Dickens,…

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UK Ghost Story Festival: The Many Adaptations of A Christmas Carol

Come and celebrate the most adapted ghost story of all time! We will explore the many adaptations of A Christmas Carol, across literature, film and television…

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Image by Nikita Khandelwal via Pexels

With Rhiannon Ward. This workshop will look at ways to bring fresh ideas to common ghost story settings and consider how using less familiar locations will…

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Neil Spring - The Haunted Shore

Reading, talk and Q+A Since his debut novel The Ghost Hunters in 2013, Neil Spring has become one of the most popular writers of supernatural thrillers in the…

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Image by Ty Huynh via Pexels

With Vicky Brewster Ghost stories are an old form, and as the world has changed so has the subgenre itself. In recent times we’ve seen ever more books and…

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Image by Ekaterina via Pexels

Panel: Vicky Brewster, Alex Davis (Chair), Laura Mauro, Mark Morris When thinking of the ghost story, so often we cast our mind back to the golden age and…

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Image by Lucas Pezeta via Pexels

With Simon Fairbanks This session will discuss whether ghosts have ceased to be scary and, if so, the reason for their demise. Has popular culture desensitised…

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UK Ghost Story Festival: Engineering a Twist

Join AJ West, author of the acclaimed The Spirit Engineer, for a look at the art of the twist in fiction, looking at some famous examples and offering…

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Caroline Lea - The Glass Woman And The Metal

Reading, interview and Q+A Caroline Lea’s debut The Glass Woman was one of the leading supernatural fiction titles of 2019, a rich and captivating tale of…

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Image by Pedro Figueras via Pexels

Workshop with Caroline Lea Struggling to get started with a story? Or do you want to refine an existing opening? This workshop with Caroline Lea will give you…

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Image by Samuel Wolfl via Pexels

With Simon Clark. Join Simon Clark as he dissects classic horror stories to reveal that all-important technique of how to use the 'language of horror' to help…

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Image by Oleg Magni via Pexels

Panel: Simon Clark, Alex Davis (Chair), Stephanie Ellis, Tracy Fahey The first cousin to the ghost story, folk horror has experienced an exciting renaissance…

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GSF: The Return of the Repressed: Writing the Uncanny

This workshop offers an insight in the origin of the unheimlich, or the uncanny, and how to use its basic tenets in fiction writing; it also guides…

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Image by Riccardo Bertolo via Pexels

With Peter Laws When I was an aspiring author, I wanted my words to roll off the page. Yet my writing often felt clunky and nowhere near as smooth as the books…

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Image by Cottonbro via Pexels

With Alex Davis This writing workshop will allow you to develop a ghost and build the story around them using a series of fun and interesting prompts – bring…

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UK Ghost Story Festival: Restless Graves

Presented by Don’t Go Into The Cellar Performance Montague Rhodes James returns in Don't Go Into The Cellar's latest stage adaptation of several timeless…

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Black Angel - Women In Horror

Talk and Q+AWith Stephanie Ellis and Alyson Faye Black Angel Press was founded in 2020, with a view to putting out the best in female-written horror fiction.…

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UK Ghost Story Festival Pass

Get the ultimate UK Ghost Story Festival experience with our weekend pass, giving you access to your choice of 24 events over the three days! Simply book your…

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AJ West - The Spirit Engineer

Interview + Q+A ‘Fiendishly Clever’ – Derren Brown ‘So Clever It Makes Your Head Spin’ – Jeremy Vine ‘A Gothic Classic’ – Jodie Whittaker AJ West’s debut novel…

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