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United States Of Terror - Paracinema Shorts (Advised 18)

24 Sep 2021

Directed by


United States Of Terror - Paracinema Shorts (Advised 18)

Proving that the USA can be a scary and strange place, this selection of shorts from US filmmakers is a great selection of idiosyncratic shorts that will crawl into your subconscious. 

Shorts Line-Up 

Bag Your Face -  Dir: Keith Eyrich 

Takes the format of an after school special and supercharges it with rocket fuel made from 90s VHS/Video Games/Nickelodeon trash imagery. Pure Nuclear Nostalgia! 

Cold Blooded - Dir: Kidd Tommy 

This is the titillating tale of a scorned amateur herpetologist who enacts a twisted revenge on her deadbeat guitarist ex. Despite worst intentions, the plan backfires and instead leads to the rise of Rex Komodo, a reptilian rock god with big hair and an even bigger appetite for blood.  

3 Keys - Dir: Josh Funk 

In the office of psychiatrist (Robert Donnelly), a patient (Brigette Funk) explains her reoccuring nightmares that always begin with a mysterious door and three different skeleton keys. Accompanied by stop-motion puppets, marionettes, and miniatures, each nightmare is packed with practical effects. 

The Dark Odyssey – Dir: Michael Lavine 

A brave captain and his faithful mate transport a captive warrior, who holds ‘The Inventory Of The Mind, across the interstellar line. When their ship is forced to navigate an asteroid field, their mission is jeopardized. 

Vampire Foxes... from Space! - Dir: Kyle Murphy 

Vampire foxes from space come to Earth in an effort to replenish a dwindling blood supply on their home planet.