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Weird Tales - Paracinema Shorts (Advised 18)

26 Sep 2021

Directed by


Weird Tales - Paracinema Shorts Package (Advised 18)

A selection of films that revel on the outskirts of normal. 

Shorts Line Up:

Wharton’s Cherry Jelly - Dir: Francesco Piro    UK 

In a fantastical uterine environment we witness the birth of a weird creature whose life begins from an egg floating in a primordial soup and continues its development into a complex organism which in the end hopes to become human. 

Return Of The Beast From Outer Space - Dir: Max Ward    UK 

A disgraced monster movie actor decides to make his magnum opus but needs a victim to do it.  

Monstrous Circus - Dir: Jordan Inconstant    France 

Leonard, a magician, decides to set up a circus troupe of unusual artists. His intention is not to show their monstrosity but rather to change people’s attitudes through the audience’s acceptance of them. However, not everyone is ready to welcome them and Leonard will stop at nothing when it comes to imposing his convictions. 

Cold Caller – Dir: Darren J. Perry    UK 

Deep within an English garden under a dark canopy of trees, other-worldly powers are at work which soon becomes a theatre for a malevolent puppeteer. 

Proving Ground - Dir: Phoenix Almeida-Amir   UK 

A large prototype robot has killed it’s test pilot and roams through a proving ground, controlled by its AI. Another robot, controlled by a cocky human pilot, is sent to destroy the prototype. Animation. 

Wooden Character - Dir: Robert Duncan   UK 

The Incredibly boring Mr Brown is kidnapped by a sinister organisation and forced to argue the case for his continued existence with an interrogator who is out for blood. 

Neutrals - Dir: Jacob Horne    UK 

Chris and Dan are friends who, after accidentally killing the wrong person, find their night spiralling out of control while being pursued by the vicious Wes and his punks.