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Exhibition Explorations: Glitched, Quest for the Lost MacGuffin

Exhibition Explorations: Glitched, Quest for the Lost MacGuffin

Join QUAD Senior Curator Peter Bonnell for another QUAD Exhibition Exploration, this time featuring a short documentary tour of the innovative digital and immersive 2016 exhibition at QUAD: Glitched: Quest for the Lost MacGuffin.


Glitched: Quest for the Lost MacGuffin
QUAD Gallery: 24 September – 20 November 2016

Glitched: Quest for the Lost MacGuffin was an innovative interactive art exhibition created by a team of international artists, curators and museums in QUAD Gallery…an exploration game where the real and digital worlds collide. All, however, is not as it seems:

"… A MacGuffin is a plot device in the form of some goal, or desired object that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation. The specific nature of a MacGuffin is typically unimportant to the overall plot." 

Glitched: Quest for the Lost MacGuffin was an exciting game-like journey in which the gallery visitor/player explored an immersive set built within QUAD Gallery, consisting of ‘typical’ scenes from films: the detective office; the haunted hotel; the claustrophobic warehouse; and the train carriage travelling to an unknown destination. The player searched for eight fragments of a ‘lost’ MacGuffin, fragments that exist as ‘Augmented Reality’ (AR) – visible only through the screen of a handheld tablet. Once the eight fragments had been found the ‘lost’ MacGuffin is revealed. Yet there were decoy MacGuffins to throw the player off the scent, and the gallery was full of ‘glitches’ – real-life or digital corruptions or fissures in the everyday world around us that made the journey around the gallery very interesting indeed. Glitched: Quest for the Lost MacGuffin positioned the gallery visitor in the heart of a sculptural installation, in search of objects that were once real and are certainly imagined. The exhibition considered questions of coercion and suggestion, mirroring a modern society where material objects are pursued, often for little long-lasting satisfaction.

Produced and curated at QUAD by Peter Bonnell and Michael Sargeant. Digital and Augmented Reality artworks by Piers Bishop, Nguyen Thi, Julien Costard from Université Paris 8 and Darius Powell. Set design by Scene Everything (Nicholas Mortimer & Joseph Popper). Soundtrack by Robin Newman and additional artworks by Nathan Hall and David Booth. Special Gif artwork by Alec Mackenzie, commissioned by The Collection and Usher Gallery, Lincoln, with thanks to Ashley Gallant. 3D Scans courtesy of Leicestershire County Council Museum Services. Photographs by Charlotte Jopling.