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Exhibition Explorations: Joey Holder: Adcredo

Exhibition Explorations: Joey Holder: Adcredo

Join QUAD Senior Curator Peter Bonnell and artist Joey Holder for an informative online exclusive tour of her 2018 QUAD exhibition Adcredo as well an update on her latest project Semelparous. This film features subtitles.

3D virtual exhibition tour produced by V21 Artspace:

Adcredo: The Deep Belief Network by Joey Holder was an exhibition in QUAD Gallery from 14 July to 21 October 2018.

Taking a fictional data-analysis company called Adcredo as her starting point, Holder explores the role that online networks can play in the construction of belief. Across a series of exhibitions at Bloc Projects in Sheffield, QUAD in Derby, Matt’s Gallery, London, and the 6th Athens Biennale, Holder expands this fictional world to examine the rise of unjust ideologies and fantasies, and how they might affect our worldview.

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