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Exhibition Explorations: Kensuke Koike

Exhibition Explorations: Kensuke Koike

For this latest instalment of QUAD/ FORMAT Exhibition Explorations, Senior Curator Peter Bonnell, at home in Derby, is joined by the artist Kensuke Koike, calling in from Tokyo, Japan. Kensuke presented the exhibition ‘Happy Ending’ as part of FORMAT 19 in 2019, featuring large-scale steel-backed versions of his signature cut-out works, based on archival photographs from the collection of W.W. Winter – a photography studio in Derby since 1852. 'Happy Ending' was curated by Louise Fedotov-Clements and Peter Bonnell.

FORMAT is organised QUAD and DMARC (Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre of the University of Derby). Supported by Arts Council England, Derby City Council and multiple partners from the UK and international origins. 

This film features subtitles.

3D virtual exhibition tour produced by V21 Artspace.


To find out more about Kensuke’s exhibition at FORMAT visit: https://formatfestival.com/whats-on/happy-ending/

To visit Kensuke's Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/kensukekoike/?hl=en

Kensuke Koike’s exhibition ‘Happy Ending’ featured newly commissioned work for FORMAT19. Cut-paper master Kensuke Koike turned to a much-heralded and immensely important archive that can be found right here in the city of Derby: the archive of W W Winter. Winter’s has been operating in Derby, in the same area on Midland Road, since 1852. They are one of the oldest studios in the world still operating today, and their inventory of images is a treasure trove that Koike has gleefully delved into to produce an installation of images from the past. The people populating these images are all likely Derby natives, or from near to the city, all long since departed. Yet Koike – as with much of his work – has rejuvenated his source material, consequently giving both the people that appear in them and the actual source photographic image a new sense of purpose, a sense of rebirth. Indeed, the artist himself comments that he has taken these archives, these images, and, “given them a new life, a new story and now a new result.”