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Exhibition Explorations: Megan Broadmeadow

Exhibition Explorations: Megan Broadmeadow
Joining QUAD Senior Curator Peter Bonnell is artist Megan Broadmeadow for a narrated guided tour of her touring exhibition project SEEK PRAY ADVANCE along with project partners and curators Judith Carlton, Director of Southwark Park Galleries; and Lexi Stevens, Visual Arts Producer at Green Man Festival.
This virtual guided tour utilises a 3D exhibition tour produced by V21 Artspace.
View the guided tour here:

SEEK PRAY ADVANCE was a fantastical journey influenced by Science-Fiction ideas, in particular the idea of human contact with alien beings. The project was inspired by real-life accounts from people who claim to have been contacted by aliens, or beings from other worlds, dimensions and realms.

This film has subtitles.

3D virtual exhibition tour produced by V21 Artspace:

Additional resources: 
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