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#MassIsolation Reflections: I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE SEA AGAIN

I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE SEA AGAIN, Massimiliano Tuveri, @massimiliano_tuveri, www.massimilianotuveri.myportfolio.com

#MassIsolation Reflections: I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE SEA AGAIN
with FORMAT Co-ordinator, Niamh Treacy

QUAD’s Programme Team are sharing highlights from FORMAT’s mass-isolation project @massisolationformat that shows images and experiences shared during the lockdown due to Covid-19.

Credit: ‘I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE SEA AGAIN’, Massimiliano Tuveri, @massimiliano_tuveri, www.massimilianotuveri.myportfolio.com

‘[Leave home only if strictly necessary]'

Today the moon is a desolate and inhospitable environment. But will it always be like this?
It's the same question I'm asking myself these days that we're all grappling with this modern plague, the #coronavirus.
I look at cities all over the world and I find the same desolation and silence that astronauts must have found on our satellite.
In this project I tried to mix the images of my city, completely devoid of living beings, and the photographs of the moon taken by #NASA during the various missions to discover this pale space stone.

The question I want you to ask yourself is: why are we so intrigued by the universe if we can't live well even at home?’
Massimiliano Tuveri questions whether this representation of a stark reality is to become our new normal? Will we, in not too many years to come, see barron streets devastated by future pandemics, rebellions against our countries leaders and the end to life as we know it due to increased eco-crisis. We see it in movies, but already, we have seen these fictitious disasters proving true. 

With Space X and Virgin Orbit planning their maiden missions to Mars in only a few short years, is it time for us to earnestly consider our future elsewhere? The utilitarian architecture in Tuveri’s image is reminiscent of Jim Kazanjian’s bleak and uncanny landscapes; giving us a view into an attempt by humanity to rebuild our homes and lives in a dystopian environment. Perhaps living anonymous, unidentifiable lives through advanced PPE that bears an unwanted resemblance to an astronaut’s space suit. 

‘Why are we so intrigued by the universe if we can't live well even at home?’. Have we done too much environmental damage to our own planet to justify saving it? And if so, what is to say we will not make the same mistakes on the next one?

- Niamh Treacy, FORMAT Coordinator 

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