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#MassIsolation Reflections: There's No Place Like Home #29

There's No Place Like Home #29

#MassIsolation Reflections: There's No Place Like Home #29
with QUAD Senior Curator, Peter Bonnell

QUAD’s Programme Team are sharing highlights from FORMAT’s mass-isolation project @massisolationformat that shows images and experiences shared during the lockdown due to Covid-19.

Credit: ‘There’s no place like home #29’, Claire Armitage, @claire_armitage www.clairearmitage.myportfolio.com 

"There are a number of new terminologies that - due to the current pandemic - have entered the everyday lexicon. One is ‘Self Isolation’, the other ‘Social Distancing’.

In this image by Claire Armitage, ‘There’s no place like home #29’, both terms seem evident and impossible at the same time… perhaps evoking the confusing and contradictory information that governments not only in the UK but around the world have disseminated to the general public. The two figures depicted seem together, yet are divided and distanced by the flat-form of the bed. It is an image that evokes the prevailing sense of frustration in having to isolate for such a seemingly unnatural length of time; even the title ‘Day 36’, although at first appearing benign, has connotations of confinement, as if the artist was a prisoner slowly but surely marking the passing of time." 

- Peter Bonnell, QUAD Senior Curator

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