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Meet the Artist: Tom K Kemp, Napoleon Complex

Meet the Artist: Tom K Kemp, Napoleon Complex

This week, as part of the How We Make Meaning exhibitions newly opened at QUAD, we present an introductory interview with artist Tom K Kemp. Tom's exhibition Napoleon Complex is on display in QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces from 7 September 2020 - 24 January 2021.

This film features subtitles

Tom K Kemp (UK) incorporates roleplaying game design and animation into filmmaking, exploring systems-thinking, complexity and the eerie consequences of bureaucratic and economic systems on intimate human relations. His works generate unpredictable genre fiction where gameplay and collaborative storytelling are combined into a deviated method of complexity modelling. Napoleon Complex explores weather modelling algorithms used by global catastrophe insurance, speculating on the consequences of their creation at a series of different scales from the economic to the intimate. The project is influenced by Weird genre fiction, in which the protagonists are often the subjects of systems and phenomena which are too large or complex for them to fully comprehend.