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Mindful Moments #1: Spring (1986) by Carl Conrad Dahlberg

Spring (1986) by Carl Conrad Dahlberg

It's never been more important to take a step back, realign your thoughts and to take a little time for YOU!

Take a few quiet moments to look at our weekly painting choice from LookingatPaintings.co.uk

The short audio guide will lead you around each painting and lasts around 6-8 minutes - just long enough to relax and be transported a new landscape, country or era.

Looking at Paintings is free to use and was created to enable digital access to paintings and support positive mental health and wellbeing - to find out more about the Looking at Paintings mission, click here.

Week 1

Landscape: Spring (1986) by Carl Conrad Dahlberg

View painting and take the audio tour here: http://www.lookatpaintings.co.uk/work/landscape-spring/?guide=specific 

Afterwards: Wrap Up Your Painting 

After you’ve taken this mindful moment, why not let us know your responses to the Wrap Up Your Painting questions at the bottom of the paintings page using @derbyquad #WellbeingWednsday #MindfulMoment