QUAD is a fully accessible building, with an automatic front door (push button), a lift to the upper floors and accessible toilets on every floor.

Access spaces are available in all three cinemas that can be used independently or can be situated next to seats for carers or companions. If you require access spaces in the cinema, please ring the Box Office on 01332 290606 to check the availability for the screening of your choice. You can also download a copy of the Cinema Seating Plans before you visit us.

There is a Sound Plus TM Infrared Listening system in the cinemas, and an integrated Loop system in the QUAD Box Office, Meeting Room, and QUAD Café Bar.

We have an accessible hoist available (safe working load = 227 kgs/500 lbs).

SOFT SUBTITLED Film Screenings (SS)

Wherever possible, we show 'Soft Subtitled' screenings (sometimes referred to as Descriptive Subtitles).

Soft Subtitling is a service for the hearing-impaired or deaf who rely on English subtitling to enable them to 'hear' the film's dialogue (in the same way that those of us with hearing rely on English subtitles to understand foreign films). However, Soft Subtitling provides much more information than "normal" English subtitles. For example, they describe: when something is sung, rather than spoken; when significant music is happening (often with lyrics provided); and significant sound effects (such as a phone ringing). This type of information is especially prominent when the sound is happening off-screen.

Soft Subtitles are written and produced on a separate disc that runs in sync with the film's print when projected in the cinema.

Not all films are available with Soft Subtitling, it is dependent on the film distributors. We don't always know if the film will be available with Soft Subtitles at the time the QUAD Brochure goes to print.

If you would like to be added to the list for Soft Subtitled screenings information, please email info@derbyquad.co.uk.

Audio Description (AD)

Audio Description is a service for partially sighted or blind people. While the film's main soundtrack plays through the cinema speakers in the usual manner, users listen to a specially recorded narrator detailing what's happening on the screen at selected breaks during the film's dialogue, through a set of headphones. The headphones are personal and the user is still able to hear the film's sound through the cinema surround sound speakers. The service is similar to listening to a football or cricket match on the radio in which the action is described to the listener.

The AD headphones are available to collect from Box Office when you pick up your tickets prior to the film screening.

Please check with QUAD Box Office on 01332 290606 to find out which of our current films have Audio Description.

Large Print Brochure

QUAD produces our monthly brochure in a Large print format. If you would like to receive it in this format by post, please contact us


QUAD is proud to be an accredited CredAbility Provider and a CredAbility Verified Accessible building. CredAbility has been designed by disabled and older people to enable providers to prove that their services are competent and compliant. As an accredited provider we are committed to promoting independence, choice and control for all customers and actively promoting disability equality. We constantly strive to improve services to disabled customers and actively seek feedback from customers in order to be creative and transparent in designing and delivering services for disabled customers. As a Verified Accessible building you can be assured that we have invested in making our building accessible in line with legal requirements, and that this has been verified by one of Nimbus’ qualified Access Auditors.

QUAD is pleased to accept the CredAbility Access card and offers discounted ticket rates for cardholders. For further information about the access provision we have for cardholders please see the document in the download section further up the page. To find out more about the CredAbility Access card and how to become a cardholder please visit http://credability.uk.com/access-card/

If you have any feedback about any of QUAD's services or programme please contact info@derbyquad.co.uk.


Please do not hesitate to contact the customer services team to discuss any other access requirement queries, or to be added to our Soft Subtitling / Audio Description contact list.

Email:  info@derbyquad.co.uk

Telephone: 01332 290 606

Write to us: Customer Services, QUAD, Market Place, Cathedral Quarter, Derby, DE1 3AS