Artist Pierce Starre talks about his Artist Residency at ROAR (Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance)

09 November 2017
I was invited to represent QUAD Derby in Rotherham as part of a 12 hour residency titled "The Gathering". 
ROAR (Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance) residencies are supported by a host of arts organisations from around the UK including QUAD Derby. As part of the residency, artists were invited to "bring an idea in a suitcase". 
On arriving at the venue, which was a disused factory in Rotherham, I was greeted by representatives of ROAR. There was a brief introduction of all the artists involved; including who they were, a little about their practice and their idea in their suitcase. 
After introductions we all got to work.
I made a piece of work which I titled "Six Minutes"
It can be particularly tough when relationships break down and there are children involved.  Moving from one household to another can be very difficult. When a child reunites with one parent, they separate with the other.  Doing what you can as a parent to make that transition easier for your child is really important.
My seven year old son lives six minutes away from my home. In order for me to understand what it means for my son to travel with a suitcase from one parent's home to the other I decided that I would place myself in his shoes. 
With a suitcase, I walked from one wall to the other over six minutes for six hours. 
The work was broadcasted live on Facebook.
I placed a small break in the middle to allow me to restart the livestream, as Facebook only allowed 4 hours of continuous streaming.
I placed an alarm inside my suitcase to alert me when each six minutes had elapsed and when three hours had been reached. 
If I arrived at the wall before six minutes had passed I waited until the alarm sounded before turning around to walk back. 
I attached two pieces of string wall to wall, either side of me. These were to guide me as I walked back and forth. 
Occasionally I opened the suitcase to express some of the feelings I was experiencing into the bag. 
The experience was exceptionally enlightening; At the beginning I felt confusion and disorientation but with repetition, guidance and consistency came familiarity.

It was an absolute pleasure to represent QUAD, I was really grateful to be provided with the platform and space to explore new ideas. 

"Six Minutes" can be viewed over on Facebook at facebook.com/piercestarreartist