Derby Film Festival Review

14 May 2015

I saw 9 films in 10 days and feel that I did justice to the Film Festival for the first time. I missed one day - the day after the election when I was rather weary after staying up until 3.45am. I decided on the first night that I would only see previews or old films which I had not seen. Here we go...

A ROYAL NIGHT OUT: Far-fetched but great fun and very enjoyable; a great "Friday night film".

MISS JULIE: not sure I can cope with quite so much angst in my old age, but the play is an interesting period piece (written in 1890) and Jessica Chastain's performance was quite superb.

LES COMBATTANTS: a rather quirky French romantic comedy; very enjoyable and worth bringing back to QUAD.

QUEEN AND COUNTRY: a wonderfully crafted film which evokes the 1950s brilliantly. Took John Boorman a long time to follow Hope and Glory but terrific. Very funny as well and some good performances.

SHADOW OF A DOUBT: super Hitchcock thriller which I enjoyed immensely although thrillers are not my normal fare.

MARSHLAND: Another thriller and a must for a run at QUAD when it's released in the UK. Great thriller set in 1980 with some Spanish Civil War back story colouring some aspects of it. Excellent and good for my Spanish. I have recommended it to my evening class tutor and colleagues.

I START COUNTING: This very early Jenny Agutter film (another thriller) was excellent. Her crush on her step-brother was well developed without being melodramatic and the plot was quite gripping.

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN: I saw this with my 5 year old son in the early 1970s. This time we saw it with 3 of our grandchildren. We all enjoyed it and the way the well-off middle class lived in 1905 proved an interesting topic of conversation.

Congratulations to everyone at QUAD who was involved the Film Festival.

By Brian Blissett (QUAD Advocate)