Education Programme

About QUAD's Education programme

QUAD’s Education Programme has been designed to play to our strengths and expertise in film, photography, digital and the visual arts. QUAD has a dedicated Education Curator, who is a passionate advocate for using the arts and creative approaches to teaching as a tool to support learning right across the curriculum.

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We can design workshops and projects to complement and enhance the National Curriculum, to support:
• bringing learning to life
• children, young people and teaching staff to engage with contemporary visual art and digital media
• creative approaches to teaching and learning, across all Key Stages
• learning outside the classroom
• and (most importantly!) fun and engaging activities for children and young people

We can offer:
• access to a wide range of art and media professionals, resources and equipment
• gallery visits
• bespoke workshops, designed to cater for all ages and abilities
• exhibition previews and teachers’ resources

Other programmes:
QUAD is also a Welcome Centre for Arts Award.
QUAD also a screening venue and workshop provider for Into Film.