DBF: Authors & The First Book

Saturday 17 June 2017

DBF: Authors & The First Book

2.30 – 4pm
Panel: Jo Bunt, Sarah Day and Roz Watkins – Authors and the First Book

Almost every writer dreams of having their book out there – but what's it really like to sign that first publishing contract … see that book in your hands and see all those aspirations become a reality? Join acclaimed debut novelist Sarah Day, author of Mussolini's Island, crime author Roz Watkins, whose novel The Devil's Dice is released in 2018, and local author Jo Bunt, whose debut novel now has an agent and is seeking a publisher.

Expect an honest look at the ups and downs of getting your book out there, what the road to publication is really like and how being published can change your life. 

Part of Derby Book Festival's Day of Writing

10am - 4pm

Our annual Day of Writing - tailor-made for any aspiring authors! With a range of lively workshops plus an insightful author panel, this is the ideal event for writers looking to learn more about the craft and build their careers in the field.