Monday 27 July 2015 to Sunday 06 September 2015

Dates: 27th July - 6th September 2015
Venue: QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces

Artists: Elizabeth Rowe, Clay Smith, Michael Forbes and Robin Newman

This exhibition presents the work of four Midlands-based artists responding to the theme of ‘the Grand Tour’ and the period of the Enlightenment. Examining themes of tourism, class, scientific and cultural breakthroughs and seeking of knowledge, the artists reflect and consider with contemporary eyes this hugely significant period of history.

Each artist presents a unique narrative of thought, whether offering a critical and contemplative view on the inequality of the Grand Tour (a pursuit reserved exclusively for the rich and privileged), the dawn of tourism and its impacts or the search of the acquisition of knowledge. QUAD has also commissioned a new, interactive sound installation by artist Robin Newman which embraces the experimental, akin to the alchemists and scientists of the era, whilst also referencing the music and composers of the period.