Ben Fredericks Collaborations - Playing God

Friday 24 March 2017 to Sunday 23 April 2017

Ben Fredericks Collaborations - Playing God

QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces
24th March – 23rd April 

Playing God
(R & D Version) is an interactive, immersive Virtual Reality artwork testing out a branching, multi-option narrative. Once the VR headset is put on, the viewer will find themselves in a futuristic multi-colonised solar system, where they play the part of the Captain of an outpost facing a huge humanitarian crisis. The viewer playing this role is able to direct the narrative of the work by making decisions on the ethical dilemmas they are confronted by as the narrative plays out – in effect they will be ‘Playing God’.

This work is funded by Arts Council England and D-Lab (www.d-lab.org.uk).