Saturday 20 September 2014 to Sunday 23 November 2014


QUAD’s SUPERNATURAL season is about more than ‘things that go bump in the night’. Featuring AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED by Susan MacWilliam, and the group show BEYOND, as well as film screenings, live events and educational workshops – this is a season for sceptics and believers alike.


BEYOND is an exhibition that explores aspects of the supernatural through the work of contemporary artists and historical material.  While science is increasingly used to provide explanation for previously enigmatic phenomena, the supernatural nevertheless remains a ubiquitous part of everyday life and a long used stimulus for artistic and academic endeavour.  Offering creative interpretations of the downright uncanny, unexplainable, and seemingly miraculous these intriguing works explore the rich realm of the unknown through contemporary art.


Artists: Anna Flemming, Bogdan Catalin Cazacioc, Chip Rountree, Chloe Ashley, Christopher Webster van Tonder, Daisy Delaney, David Favrod, Feng-Ru Lee, Ingrid Ung, Jacquelene Drinkall, Laura Wilkinson, Paula Chambers, Susan Plover, Thomas Rousset & Raphaël Verona, Wayne Burrows, and Yvette Monahan. 


While science is increasingly able to offer alternative explanations for previously mysterious phenomena; supernatural occurrences, the inexplicable, and the uncanny continue to be a ubiquitous part of everyday life.  Recognizing that the supernatural has long been a stimulus for artistic and academic endeavour, BEYONDshowcases a broad range of artistic and documentary practices that explore and investigate the unexplained. 


Selected through an international open call, each work presents a unique perspective on this often provocative subject.  Delving into fortune telling, prophecies, ghostly presences, and ritual practices, BEYOND transforms QUAD’s Extra Gallery Spaces by offering an eclectic range of considered responses to the season theme. 


BEYOND is curated by Michael Sargeant and Sarah Watson.  



QUAD resident DJ Flatbush City Limits (O.S.T.) has compiled two playlists, titled Dark and Dreamy, inspired by our season exploring SUPERNATURAL. Evoking images of ancient and modern folklore, and referencing histories of hysteria, these soundtracks act as an accompaniment to BEYOND and the season as a whole.


To listen to the soundtracks, visit QUAD reception and collect an MP3 player for your trip.