Get Real Philosophical Discussion

Wednesday 08 October 2014

Get Real Philosophical Discussion

Get Real Philosophical Discussions

8 October 2014, 6:30pm – 8:30pm, The Box

FREE but booking is essential


Belief in the supernatural is common across time and culture. Is there something about human nature that makes us believe, and if so what? What are the implications of this Idea for how we think about ourselves? Philosopher Andrew Garford Moore and psychologists Malcolm Schofield and Dr Ian Baker introduce these issues and then facilitate a general audience discussion.


The discussion will be informal, will not assume any prior knowledge and is open to all. Audience participation is very much encouraged but not essential. This is a great opportunity to think and talk about some of the questions raised by this fascinating topic. 




Get Real is hosted by Philosopher Andrew Garford Moore:andrewgarfordmoore.wordpress.com



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