Saturday 27 October 2012 to Sunday 03 February 2013

Artists: AVPD, David Batchelor, Gunda Förster, Tristan Hessing, Torsten Lauschmann, Katie Paterson, Semiconductor, David Ward, and Joseph Wright of Derby

Illuminated is an exhibition that features artists who incorporate sculptural, photographic, and metaphorical light in their work, often using scientific methodologies and influences, as well as artists who produce work that is in some way transformative, or suggests a change in either an object or within the human spirit or psyche. The exhibition references and is influenced by scientific advancement as it was in the mid to late 18th Century, linking to the work of Joseph Wright of Derby, and specifically his The Alchymist of 1771. Other key references include the Enlightenment and what this period meant to the city of Derby and the Midlands.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a full-colour illustrated gallery guide, featuring a text by Curator Peter Bonnell, and images and biographies of each exhibiting artist.

Click here to see the video of Circle by Gunda Förster.